Best Plant Nutrients Of 2024

Using the best plant nutrients can be the difference between a weak, lackluster harvest and a heavy, potent harvest. After all, the nutrients you use to grow are responsible for giving your plants the compounds they need to grow. But, can you just run to your local garden center and grab any fertilizer? Not if you want impressive plants.

Which nutrients are best for your grow will depend on how you grow. We’ll cover the best soil, hydro, and organic nutrients, but first, we need to cover some basic plant nutrition.

Best Plant Nutrients Of 2024

Using the best plant nutrients can be the difference between a weak, lackluster harvest and a heavy, potent harvest.

After all, the nutrients you use to grow are responsible for giving your plants the compounds they need to grow. But, can you just run to your local garden center and grab any fertilizer? Not if you want impressive plants.

Perhaps you're already familiar with some of the brands on this list - household names like General Hydroponics, for example.

But, are these the right nutes for you and your crop?

Which nutrients are best for your grow will depend on how you grow. We’ll cover the best soil, hydro, and organic nutrients. But first, we need to cover some basic plant nutrition.

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Why You Need The Best Plant Nutrients

The best plant nutrients

There are a number of reasons you should seek out the best plant nutrients. They give your plants what they need to develop to the best of their ability throughout veg and flower.

If you are growing in coco or a hydroponic system, the nutrient line you use is even more important. When growing in soil, your plants will get some level of nutrition from the media.

However, in coco or other inert media commonly used in hydro systems, you are the sole provider of nutrients. In this instance, you really do need the best plant nutes possible.

You might be asking yourself, what are the best nutrients for outdoor growing. Well, it is not always dependent on whether you are growing indoors or outdoors.

However, there are some nutrients that are more suited for larger outdoor growing due to their cost savings, often drying water-soluble nutes.

What Is A Nute?

You may be wondering what is a nute. It’s often referenced by growers when talking about growing. It’s just a shorter slang term for nutrient. Simple as that.

As with many terms specific to a topic, people tend to shorten words that are often used. So in this case, that is what a nute is.

The Basics Of Plant Nutrition

Plant nutrients can be complicated if you don’t know or understand the label. But, it is really as simple as three compounds - Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium. These make up the NPK ratio.

As you will learn, there are best nutrients for veg stage, and best nutrients for bloom stage. It really just depends on your situation to determine what are the best to use.

These three nutrients are the most important aspect of plant nutrition. They are known as the primary nutrients, as they are needed in the largest quantities. Here is a quick breakdown of each:

  • Nitrogen - Most important nutrient for vegging plants. It contributes to photosynthesis, and helps to produce chlorophyll. Nitrogen is responsible for the robust, leafy growth during veg. So the veg products in your nutrient line will be very N dominant.
  • Phosphorus - On the flip side, phosphorous is crucial during the bloom stage. It is responsible for helping your plant develop dense, resinous buds and increasing potency levels of the plant.
  • Potassium - Potassium, unlike Nitrogen and Phosphorous, is important for ALL stages of growth. You won’t really see the levels change in your feeding schedule as you transition. Potassium helps your plant become more resilient, and is vital in root growth and a number of other plant activities.

Secondary Nutrients And Micronutrients

Secondary nutes are very important as well. These are nutrients that you may not need, but can help if you notice deficiencies.

  • Calcium - Similar to how calcium helps humans develop strong bones, it helps plants develop strong cell walls and plant roots. This is super important, and it is also one of the most common nutrient deficiencies you’ll see.
  • Magnesium - Magnesium is essential in helping the plant with nutrient uptake. In other words, Mg makes other nutrients more easily absorbable by the root zone.
  • Sulfur - This nutrient is necessary for the production of chlorophyll, as well as playing a key role in both vegetative and root growth.

There are also micronutrients that are necessary in small quantities but still contribute to plant growth and health significantly. They include:

  • Zinc (Zn)
  • Manganese (Mn)
  • Iron (Fe)
  • Boron (B)
  • Chlorine (Cl)
  • Copper (Cu)
  • Molybdenum (Mb)
  • Silicon (Si)

You can take care of micronutrient needs easily with a supplement. In fact, many of the nutrient packages we are going to show you as the best plant nutrients on our site include a micronutrient supplement!

This is a broad overview, but you can learn more about plant nutrition in our complete guide.

The Best Overall Plant Nutrients

Before we break down the best nutrients for soil, hydroponics, and organic growing, we want to mention a brand that we feel puts out the best overall nutrient package.

Whether you have a small farm or acres of greenhouse produce, HGV plant nutrients can help increase your yield and quality while lowering the cost of production.

HGV Nutrients Complete Nutrient Package

Why is HGV Nutrients the top-selling and #1 recommended nutrient brand on

Better quality, higher yields, and lower cost are just a few of the reasons to make the switch from your current line.

HGV Nutrients only has 3 formulas to use in your feeding schedule:

The Best Overall Plant Nutrients - HGV Nutrients

HGV Nutrients only has 3 formulas to use in your feeding schedule:

  • The Base Formula: is used for both veg and flowering at the exact same strength.
  • The Growth Formula: will be used with the base formula during the vegetative phase of plant growth.
  • The Flowering Formula: will be used with the base formula starting on the first day of the flowering phase.

The beauty of HGV nutrients is that they are designed to be fed at one strength from start to finish so you don't have to change EC or mix in additives at any time.

HGV plant nutes work in any growing media

Over the last 29 years, we have used and tested HGV plant nutrients in every growing medium we could find. NFT, DWC, flood and drain systems, Rockwool, coir(coconut), many different “soilless” mixes, and even soil.

So far, we have not found a media that HGV nutrients have not performed exceptionally well in. We will happily offer growing advice on any media that you might currently be using or plan to use in the future. Pictured to the left are tomatoes growing in rockwool and coir, and lettuce and melons in NFT trays.

Suitable for any type of water and watering system.

Water quality plays a huge role in nutrient availability and plant health as well as being able to automate your watering and feeding. HGV plant nutrients have been used in both soft and hard water with outstanding results. Knowing what’s in your water and what, if any adjustments need to be made is a simple process that we can help you with.

Depending on the mineral content, alkalinity, and pH of your source water, filtration or small changes in the standard formula can fix problems you might not even have realized were present. Mineral content can also be a problem for drip irrigation or fertigation systems leading to clogged emitters and plant damage. Call or email us today for help with getting a detailed water analysis and interpreting the results. We can also design a fertigation system and program to save you time and labor costs.

However, any professional or commercial grower, or even serious boutique growers, can improve just about every aspect of their harvests with this line.

HGV is now available in easy-to-use retail-size bottles!

It has never been easier to give all of your plants everything they need from one convenient nutrient line. The HGV retail bottles use the exact same inputs as the commercial bags while being much easier to use and manage for your smaller home growers and gardens. Just Add Water!

The HGV ready-to-use bottles have all of the benefits of our commercial water-soluble formula that you know and love. Home growers can now take full advantage of easier storage and simplified mixing instructions while enjoying the same robust yields that our commercial bags provide.

The Best Soil Nutrients

When you grow in soil, you have more options for nutrients you use. You can grow with synthetic or organic nutes, powder or liquid nutrients.

But, depending on the soil you use, you will be presented with the challenge of which nutrients are already present in the soil.

For example, SoHum Living Soil has an NPK of 0.5 - 0.5 - 0.25, and contains an entire formulation of microorganisms and beneficial bacteria.

With soils like these, you need to be careful about your nutrient feeding schedule to prevent any toxicities.

Here are some of the best soil nutrients for your plants:

General Hydroponics Flora Series Nutrient Package

General Hydroponics is an all-around incredible hydroponics and garden supplies manufacturer.

General Hydroponics Flora Series Nutrient Package

General Hydroponics is an all-around incredible hydroponics and garden supplies manufacturer.

Their Flora Series nutrient line is one of the best you can give your plants, including everything you need and nothing you don’t.

For those who don’t want a complicated feeding schedule, GH makes it easy. The Flora Series line will enhance flavor, aroma, potency, and terpene production in your plants.

Throughout the world, this line is known as the industry standard. It is pH-balanced for easy use. Here’s what you get:

The General Hydroponics Flora Series Performance Pack

  • FloraMicro - This micronutrient supplement is the foundation of the three-part “Building-Block” nutrient system from General Hydroponics. It’s derived from pharmaceutical grade minerals, providing Nitrogen, Potassium, Calcium, and plenty of micronutrients, of course.
  • FloraGro - As the Veg-base nutrient, FloraGro is responsible for stimulating thick, structural growth. It contains Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, and plenty of secondary nutrients.
  • FloraBloom - FloraBloom will promote big, dense flowers filled with flavor, aroma, and essential oils. It contains high levels of Phosphorus, Potassium, Magnesium, and Sulfur.
  • FloraBlend - This vegan based plant booster is formulated with a diverse mixture of highly bioactive microorganisms. It also contains seaweed, other plant merial, rock powder, and micronized Leonardite. FloraBlend promotes healthier soil, and thus healthier plant roots.
  • Liquid KoolBloom - You can start using KoolBloom at the start of the flower cycle. This bulking agent contains stress-reducing vitamins and nutrient transporting acids to support heavy flowering, with elevated terpene production.
  • FloraKleen - This is a flushing supplement to remove any fertilizer residue from your soil and plants. You can use it monthly to purge any “stuck” compounds, and before harvest to get the purest, cleanest flower with excellent taste.
  • Floralicious Plus - The purpose of Floralicious Plus is to improve metabolic growth, promote flower development, increase bud density, and enhance terpene levels. It also improves conditions in the root zone, and leads to all around better growth!

If you are looking for the best soil nutrients and just want something simple with a proven track record, the GH Flora Series Nutrient Package is a great choice.

Botanicare Pure Blend Pro Soil Nutrient Package

Botanicare is an industry leader in hydroponics and garden supplies, and its Pure Blend Pro Soil Nutrient Package is one of the best you can use.

Botanicare Pure Blend Pro Soil Nutrient Package

You can choose between the Standard Recipe, which includes just the Grow (3-2-4) and Bloom (1-4-5) nutrients, or the Expert Recipe. Which one is right will depend on how dedicated you want to be to your grow.

The Complete Botanicare Pure Blend Soil Nutrient Line

  • Pro Grow - This base veg formulation is derived from only natural sources of essential major, secondary, and trace minerals. It promotes robust, leafy growth while setting up your plant for a fruitful harvest.
  • Pro Bloom - Just like Pro Grow, the Pro Bloom formulation is all-natural and organic-based. It encourages huge, dense flowers by providing all the phosphorous your plants need during flower.
  • Rhizo Blast - a root stimulator, which dramatically increases root development so your plant can absorb everything it needs to grow huge.
  • Liquid Karma - used as a catalyst to improve all plant functions, and referred to as an “engine” that makes your plant grow.
  • Cal-Mag Plus - a precise balance of important secondary nutrients Calcium and Magnesium, along with iron. This can prevent tons of issues such as bud root and tip burn, and it functions as a catalyst to improve nutrient uptake.
  • Silica Blast - regarded as a supernutrient, silica can strengthen the plant in all regards, including stems and branches, roots, and more. It also helps facilitate photosynthesis, a vital aspect of plant growth.
  • Sweet - this supplement consists of carbohydrates, organic acids, vitamins, and amino acids to ensure a stress-free transition from veg to flower. It increases the energy of your plant to achieve insane yields and can improve flavor (available in a variety of flavors).
  • Hydroplex Bloom Enhancer - Hydroplex is used during flowering to push your plants to their full potential. It encourages dense, sticky buds utilizing a broad range of vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients.

The Botanicare Pure Blend Pro Soil Nutrient Package is all natural and organic-based. It can help you get huge yields. Part of the reason we consider this one of the best soil nutrients is because you can choose between the Standard Recipe or the Expert Recipe. This makes the nutrient package great for growers of all levels.

On our site, you can actually pick and choose supplements and additives from the expert recipe if you just want one or two of them to fill out your feeding schedule too!

Fox Farm Soil Nutrient Package

Fox Farm is considered the “craft beer” nutrient company of the hydroponics industry. Their Soil Nutrient Package is one of the best plant nutrient lines you can give your plants.

Fox Farm Soil Nutrient Package

The Complete Fox Farm Soil Nutrient Line

  • Grow Big - The Grow Big nutrient is great for younger plants. It leads to lush, compact, veg growth. Components include but are not limited to earthworm casting, kelp, and other essential nutrients and trace minerals. These all work together to contribute to branch development to support big flowers later on.
  • Big Bloom - This micro-brewed bloom formulation uses earthworm castings, bat guano, and other potent organic ingredients to offer your plants everything they need for massive flowers. It uses kelp to improve nutrient uptake and yields, along with rock phosphate to help transfer energy throughout the plant for even budding.
  • Tiger Bloom - Capable of being used in both soil AND hydro systems, Tiger Bloom is an incredibly potent high-phosphorus fertilizer. It also contains a substantial level of Nitrogen, to continue growth and vigor. It should be used at the first sight of flowering. This will encourage denser, thicker buds.
  • Bush Flowers Kiss - This micronutrient supplement ensures a rounded-out “diet” for your plants, and prevents any deficiencies from arising. It also promotes all stages of growth and leads to a healthier plant in general.
  • Bush Doctor Boomerang - Boomerang is a microbial-based additive for use throughout veg. It heals root tissue and provides organic nutrition to lower plant stress and encourage new budding sites.
  • Bush Doctor Kangaroots - This liquid root drench will drastically improve the root system, using natural and organic macronutrients, microbes, and micronutrients. Kangaroots not only improve your roots but the soil around them.
  • Bush Doctor Microbe Brew - This additive contains beneficial bacteria and fungi to improve conditions in your soil, and help microbes develop large populations at a rapid pace. This leads to better soil, and in turn, a better plant!
  • Bush Doctor Wholly Mackerel - This marine-based additive contains organic macronutrients, 20 different amino acids, 13 vitamins, and 8 minerals. It's a powerhouse plant supplement and one of the best all-around sources of nutrition you can feed your garden.
  • Bush Doctor Kelp Me Kelp You - As the name suggests, this seaweed supplement is a biostimulant that can be applied as a foliar spray or at the roots. It improves water retention and accelerates the uptake of plant nutrients into the roots.
  • Bush Doctor Bembe - The Bush Doctor Bembe additive is a great source of natural sugars for your plants and can increase sweetness while also acting as a food source. It consists of earthworm castings, bat guano, and other high-test organic ingredients.
  • Open Sesame - This high phosphorus soluble fertilizer is designed to bring your plants into flower at your command. As soon as you are ready to flip your plants to flower, “Open Sesame” with this supplement and watch the buds bloom!
  • Beastie Bloomz - this additive is a key piece in the final weeks of flower, pushing your plants to the limit to finish blooming. It contains high-strength organic nutrients and contributes to unmatched density and yield.
  • Cha-Ching - This additive was formulated to maximize your pant’s production. It creates sticky, robust flowers with an extremely concentrated flavor and perfect texture.
  • Bush Doctor SledgeHammer - One of the most important steps of growing is flushing your plants periodically, or at the very least, before harvest. SledgeHammer is a unique rinse formula to remove any nutrient buildup and encourage water movement through your grow media.

The Fox Farm Soil Nutrient Package is chock-full of awesome supplements and additives. To learn exactly how you should feed it, check out the Fox Farm Feeding Schedule.

For most growers, the base nutrients and just a few of the additives will suffice. However, for serious growers that want the best of the best, this package is it.

The Best Hydroponic Nutrients

The best hydroponic plant nutrients will differ from the best soil nutes because you need to use specific nutrients when growing hydroponically.

Certain nutes can easily clog hydro systems and wreak havoc on your grow, leading to tons of maintenance and sickly growth.

So, you need to make sure you are buying a nutrient package designed to work with hydroponic systems!

There are plenty that can work with soil and hydro, but we’ll focus on those formulated for this growing method specifically.

Cultured Solutions Premium Hydroponic Nutrient Package

When it comes to the best food for hydroponic plants, you can’t go wrong with the Cultured Solutions brand. After all, this is the sister company of Current Culture - the industry leader in hydroponic systems!

Cultured Solutions Premium Hydroponic Nutrient Package

The Cultured Solutions Premium Hydroponic Nutrient Package was designed to work with all hydro systems. It will not clog any pipes, pumps, or tubing, and delivers everything your plants need and MORE!

The entire nutrient line is formulated with premium mineral salts. This provides a well-balanced, soluble solution for insane growth and yields. 8 simple components make up the line:

The Complete Cultured Solutions Premium Hydroponic nutrient line

  • Veg A & B - The Cultured Solutions Premium Hydroponic nutrient package has a two-part veg formula - A and B. They contain all the important macro and micronutrients your plants need, and they present them in a pH-balanced form for easy feeding. You will use them in different ratios throughout the growing cycle.
  • Bloom A & B - Just like the Veg base, the Bloom base nutrient is two-part. It’s a full spectrum, mineral-based nutrient that delivers everything you need for huge, beautiful flowers. You will need to follow the feeding chart precisely to ensure you give the right ratios for each part at the right time.
  • UC Roots - This is one of the most popular hydroponic nutrient additives growers use. UC Roots works to keep your system free of contaminants and deposits and improves nutrient uptake and oxygen availability. Simply put, this additive is a must-have. It provides the perfect conditions for explosive growth!
  • Coco Cal - A few important secondary nutrients are Calcium and Magnesium. Coco Cal provides these in a concentrated form for your plants to promote fast growth and prevent deficiencies. It should be used through veg AND flower to fill out the nutrition profile of your feeding schedule.
  • Bud Booster Early - The first step in flowering is developing your bud sites. Bud Booster Early helps promote these so you can develop as many flowers as possible. It's formulated with Nitrogen and Magnesium so plants can reach their full genetic potential.
  • Bud Booster Mid - As you move deeper into flower, Bud Booster Mid helps encourage the production of complex sugars and starches. It uses Phosphorus and Potassium along with Sulfur and Magnesium.
  • Bud Booster Late - To finish flowering, use Bud Booster Late. This incredibly pure, powdered nutrient is formulated to ripen your flowers to their full potential.

The feeding schedule of the Cultured Solutions Premium Hydroponic nutrient line is going to differ based on the system you use.

If you want the best hydroponic nutrients there are, you can’t go wrong with Cultured Solutions.

House and Garden Hydroponic Nutrient Package

House and Garden may not be a household name among the hydroponic community like Botanicare or Cultured Solutions. But, the reviews we’ve seen with this nutrient package have been outstanding.

House and Garden Hydroponic Nutrient Package

Some of our experts here at Hydrobuilder have grown with it themselves. They were more than pleased with the results they saw.

This hydroponic nutrient package is pretty complex with lots of parts, but you likely don’t need them all. House and Garden works.

The Complete House and Garden Hydroponic Nutrient Line

  • Aqua Flakes A & B - The base formulation for this nutrient line are Aqua Flakes A and Aqua Flakes B. These provide your plants with the best, fully soluble nutrients for hydroponic systems specifically.
  • Root Excelurator Silver - House and Garden considers this root enhancer their best-kept secret. It can be used in the early stages in your hydroponic system to encourage rapid rootings and to promote root health through the plant’s entire life.
  • Multi Zen - This supplement encourages vigorous growth for rapidly growing plants.
  • Algen Extract - Algen Extract is a premium Norweigian Kelp blend. It is extracted using cold press technology. It does wonders for root development in your hydro system, but does more than just that!
  • Amino Treatment - The Amino Treatment helps strengthen your plant and build a strong foundation later on when it comes time to flower.
  • Nitrogen Boost - This supplement is awesome for vegging plants, providing a heavy dose of Nitrogen to your plants. This will encourage plenty of branching and leafy growth, setting you up for a successful harvest.
  • Bud XL - To finish out your growth cycle, use Bud XL. It will round out your plants flowers and contribute to a heavy yield.
  • Top Shooter - This supplement is available in liquid or powder, and adds an ample dose of potassium and phosphorus to enhance your flowers.
  • Top Booster - This is another potassium and phosphorus supplement that can help your plants reach their full potential.
  • pH Stabilizer - You likely know how important a balanced pH is, especially in a hydroponic grow. So, House and Garden makes it easy by providing a pH stabilizer supplement in their nutrient line!
  • Magic Green - This additive should be used as a foliar spray. It can increase vitality and ensure a successful flowering phase.
  • Rhizo Force - As a slow-release, granular additive, Rhizo Force enriches your hydroponic medium with essential ingredients. Furthermore, it will invigorate a recycled or worn out medium and provide awesome conditions for growing.

The Best Organic Plant Nutrients

Growing with organic nutes is many growers favorite method. From a product standpoint, organic flower is cleaner, better tasting with better aroma.

These nutrients differ from synthetics in that they are derived from “natural” sources, such as animal or plant waste.

Organic nutrients break down slower, and thus its important for you to monitor for deficiencies closely, as they’ll take longer to correct.

On top of that, you can’t really grow organically in hydroponic systems. These nutrients tend to be thicker and clumpier, and are notorious for clogging hydroponic systems.

There are some instances of organic nutrients for hydro systems, but for most cases, you’ll need to grow in soil or a soilless medium.

Organics Alive Granular Soil Nutrient Package

Organics Alive Nutrient Package

Organics Alive was formed as a sustainable agronomic company to provide gardeners with another option from toxic chemical fertilizers and to advocate an all-natural, organic, and sustainable method of gardening and agriculture.

Organics Alive dedicates thier time and resources to developing innovative and forward-moving fertilizer technology. Our strengths include vermiculture, fermentation, microbial extraction, and carbon-based fertilizers. All of this is achieved without the use of animal by-products, heavy mining or conventional salt composition.

Organics Alive Granular Soil Nutrient Package

  • V-N Granular 5-2-2 Slow Release - Organics Alive V-N Slow Release Granular is designed for plants in the propagation through vegetative stages of growth. It has a macronutrients value of 5-2-2 (N-P-K) N (Nitrogen) P (Phosphorus) K (Potassium) which is designed for plants that like a high source of nitrogen.
  • V-PK Granular 0-5-5 Slow Release - Organics Alive Slow Release Granular is designed for plants in full production of flowers and fruit. It can also be used for early transplant stages during vegetation cycle for root mass development. It has a macronutrients value of 0-5-5 (N-P-K) N (Nitrogen) P (Phosphorus) K (Potassium) which is designed for plants that need phosphorus and potassium to build and maintain fruits, flowers, and root mass during critical stages of growth.
  • V-K Granular 0-2-5 Slow Release - Organics Alive V-K Slow Release Granular is designed for plants in need of potassium in different stages of growth. It has a macronutrients value of 0-2-5 (N-P-K) N (Nitrogen) P (Phosphorus) K (Potassium) which is designed for plants that like a high source of potassium.

Roots Organics Nutrient Package

Roots Organics believes a movement toward more sustainable and natural means of agriculture is better for everyone in the short and long term. At Aurora Innovations, we center on quality. They have found that when growing with organic methods our yields meet or exceed synthetic methods, yet the quality of the harvest will be far superior.

Roots Organics believes that growing organically improves qualitative traits like smell, flavor, taste and, shelf life. Organic agriculture has higher standards compared to conventional systems. The organic standard means no synthetic chemicals, no toxic pesticides, no GMOs, and emphasis on soil health. That’s why they have dedicated themselves to developing an entire line of soil and liquid products, so look for the Root Organics label!

Roots' organics are unique in their powerful organic blends. Utilizing optimized raw organic ingredients allows roots to interact perfectly with beneficial organisms, creating a string and rich symbiotic network at the root level and optimal nutrient uptake from roots to tips.

NOTE: The raw ingredients in roots can become thick and slightly stratify in the bottle. For perfectly consistent results, SHAKE WELL before every use.

Roots Organics Buddha Grow - is a one part organic vegative growth nutrient formulated for use in potting soils and soilless gardens. Buddha Grow is a proprietary blend of the finest organic ingredients, specifically created to promote vigor, increase yields and enhance quality in potting soil grown plants during the vegetative stage of their life.

Roots Organics Buddha Bloom - is a natural and organic one part flowering nutrient formulated for use in potting soil and soilless gardens. Buddha Bloom is a proprietary blend of the finest organic ingredients specifically created to promote vigor, increase yields and enhance quality in potting soil grown plants during the flowering stage of their life.

Roots Organics Trinity Carbo Catalyst - This complex liquid blend of organic compounds is specifically designed for maximum effect as a plant, root, and rhizosphere catalyst. With its proprietary recipe of distinct ingredients, our exclusive formula is a universal supplement for both growth and bloom.

Roots Organics Surge - nutritional and microbial stimulant is designed from the finest sustainably-harvested and enzymatically processed marine protein materials. The addition of molasses, kelp and humic acid to a powerful fish base creates a potent fusion of natural compounds to enhance the distinctive qualities and flavor of your harvest.

Roots Organics Ancient Amber - Using a unique organic extraction method, our product has been targeted for low molecular weight which increases bio-availabilty and effectiveness to unparalleled levels. Fulvic acids are extremely effective chelating agents, facilitating the uptake of micro and macro nutrients, increasing resistance to stress, and boosting overall vigor, thereby producing larger, better quality harvests.

Roots Organics HP2 Liquid Bat Guano - is a specially extracted natural source of organic phosphorus. Bat guano is renowned as a source of available natural phosphorus for use during flowering and fruiting.

Roots Organics HPK Liquid Bloom Booster - is a specially extracted natural source of phosphorus and potassium. Bat guano, which is renowned as an unparalleled source of available natural phosphorus is combined with langbeinite which is a natural source of potassium, carefully mined from ancient sea beds in the desert of the American Southwest.

Roots Organics Extreme Serene - is a organic liquid kelp extract is a natural source of growth with compounds specifically targeted to encourage vigorous growth. Roots Organics Extreme Serene is a distinctive blend of amazing plant extracts for the home and professional gardener.

General Organics BioThrive Nutrient Package

It's in the name, so it makes sense that General Organics produces one of the top organic nutrient packages available! Their BioThrive Nutrient Package is an awesome line for beginners because its really easy to use.

General Organics BioThrive

It consists of two main base nutrients, and just like all these nutrient packages, contains a myriad of awesome additives to supercharge your grow.

The Complete General Organics BioThrive Nutrient Line

  • Grow - This nutrient contains pure and natural vegan plant and mineral extracts. This encourages increased microbial life in the grow media, while simultaneously promoting robust, vegetative growth.
  • Bloom - This formula maximizes flower production. The unique formulation will give you bigger, better-tasting buds!
  • CaMg+ - The BioThrive CaMg+ additive is a crucial source of calcium and magnesium, critical to all stages of growth. This particular additive is derived from oyster shells, dolomite lime, and other natural plant extracts.
  • BioRoot - This organic root stimulant will help your young plants get off to a strong start with a dense root mass. It contains tons of vitamins, enzymes, and organic humic acids to keep your root system growing.
  • BioWeed - Seaweed is an outstanding source of nutrition for plants, and can increase plant and soil vitality. Furthermore, it can reduce stress, and encourage prolific root and foliage growth which leads to bigger harvests.
  • BioBud - As the name suggests, BioBud is a potent bloom booster capable of generating explosive flower development. Use it during the flowering phase to enhance bud production.
  • BioMarine - This is an all-natural, organic fish fertilizer that encourages rapid growth throughout all stages of plant life. Plus, they have the added benefit of high protein content and polysaccharide content.
  • Diamond Black - Diamond Black contains high levels of plant humates. This supplement improves nutrient uptake, stimulates microbial activity, and promotes soil retention. Furthermore, it increases nutrient retention and reduces water needs.

Other Hydrobuilder Recommended Nutrient Brands

Athena Nutrients

There are so many incredible horticulture brands out there, each of which offers its own feeding chart engineered to grow bigger, better plants - so why go with Athena ag nutrients?

There are a few reasons - nutrition is incredibly balanced, cost-effective, and results-driven. Consistency is incredibly important when feeding nutes, and Athena recognizes this and engineers their fertilizers as such. Let’s take a look at each line to help you understand which one is right for you.

There are two different nutrient packages available here at Hydrobuilder - the Pro Line and the Blended Line. These are both great options, but which should you invest in for your specific crop?

It depends on how you grow your plants. The Pro-Line is designed to be used with drip systems or drain-to-waste systems. You can also use the Pro-Line if you’re using dosing systems with stock tanks. This two-part powder-based feeding system offers your plants the proper levels of macronutrients, micronutrients, and trace elements needed for proper growth.

Then you have the Blended Line - which is perfect for recirculating systems but can also be used in any type of watering system. It’s also a two-part feeding system that implements Grow A&B with Bloom A&B in equal amounts - with absolutely no sediments, hence the blended.

Advanced Nutrients

Hobbyists and commercial growers alike rely on this brand to produce huge, potent plants consistently. If you’re in the market for your next nute package, look no further! This is as good as it gets.

No other brand stands up to the test when it comes to innovation and creativity. These nutrients are handcrafted by an expert team of 23 scientists, with a research & development team to assist in continually improving upon the Advanced Nutrients product line.

When it comes to feeding plant-growing nutrients, the name of the game is absorption and potency. These guys are known for knocking both of these metrics out of the water.

CYCO Nutrients

The CYCO platinum series line of plant nutrients is the benchmark in plant nutrient purity, performance, and technical advancement. Defined by the EU pharmacopeia, our 100% pharmaceutical-grade sourced minerals guarantee a purity of 99.8% ensuring no heavy metals, manufacturing by-products, or fillers.

The Cyco Platinum series is the perfect choice for all serious gardeners. This complete package of superior formulated products includes additives for all nutrient requirements from start to harvest.

The lineup contains an easy-to-read growth and bloom chart for all mediums. Both Charts are based on a week-to-week color-coded system, making it one of the most user-friendly Kits available. Try CYCO Platinum Series against your favorite brand and let the product do the talking for you.

Not sure which plant nutrient package is best for you?

There are so many nutrient packages at, and every grow is different.

We know that choosing a nutrient package can get complicated, but it doesn't have to be.

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