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Step 2: Choose Your Lighting

Step 2: Choose Your Lighting Type

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Learn how we rated each light type. For even more info read the full article in our Learning Center.
OverviewHID’s are powerful lights that have proven their worth over the years and are a great choice for growers looking to keep their initial costs down. Although these lights are powerful and popular, they do emit more heat in your grow room and will cost more to operate than other lighting choices.LED Grow Light technology has advanced enormously in recent years. LED lights are the most efficient source of grow lighting and are a great option for new growers and experienced growers alike. These lights will save you money over the years with low electricity costs while emitting virtually no heat. LED’s are a great investment long term as they last for over 50,000 hours.CMH lighting (also known as LEC lighting), is a newer advancement in indoor lighting that is gaining major popularity among all growers. CMH lighting emits less heat than HID lighting, and produces a much more natural light similar to sunlight. CMH lights are a great option for grower’s that want less heat, great light output and don’t want to spend higher upfront costs.
Light OutputHID lighting provides intense light that will penetrate deep into the plant canopy. Due to the higher heat generated, they need to be placed a couple feet away from the plants at all times. Our HID systems include a metal halide bulb for the vegetative stage and a high pressure sodium bulb for the flower stage. These lights are proven to be very effective and will yield as much as any type of grow light.The premium LED’s included in our tent packages are a game changer in any garden. These high output lights provide great canopy penetration and the perfect light spectrum for all stages of growth. Due to the low heat generated from LED’s, you can place them closer to your plants which will provide more energy for your plants to grow.CMH's provide artificial light closest to natural sunlight. These lights also have more than adequate canopy penetration and emit less heat, allowing you to place them close to the plant canopy. The 3,100K lamp included provides full spectrum light, so it is great for both the vegetative and flower stages.
Ease of UseHID lights include a separate ballast, bulb and reflector. HID systems are quick to set-up and just need the bulb replaced after each full year of use to provide the ideal spectrum.LED lights are the simplest to set-up and use, making them a great choice for all growers. These plug-and-play systems are as easy as that; hang the light, set the timer and get growing! No need for maintenance.CMH lights are a compact all-in-one system that has the ballast built into the reflector. They just need to hung in your garden and turned on. CMH bulbs last for 2 years before needing a bulb change out.

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