Hydroponic Foam

Hydroponic foam, also referred to as oasis cubes, is a type of soilless grow media. This is perhaps the most simple hydroponic growing medium available to growers.

What are oasis cubes?

Hydroponic foam and oasis cubes are derived from polyurethane foam. This growing medium is great for growers new to hydroponics, because it is so simple. There is no need to adjust the pH or flush existing nutrients from it.

Oasis cubes are great for starting seeds or clones in a hydroponic system. They support plant roots very well, and due to the porous nature of polyurethane foam, aeration is exceptional. Hydroponic foam also retains water very well.

What are some of the benefits of growing in foam?

  • Constant supply of water and nutrients
  • Less risk of algae growth
  • Porous nature of foam leads to higher levels of aeration
  • Simple use

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