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If you are looking for extraction equipment to produce the best concentrate possible, you are in the right place. Here at Hydrobuilder, we carry the top brands at the best prices. When you buy extraction equipment with us, you’ll enjoy our world class service.

Extractions have become mainstream in the marketplace today, with many different ways to create a concentrated product, it can leave consumers wondering how can I make this at home? Plant extracts have been around for a long time but the processes used to make these extracts has been in constant development, to the point now that any size grower can turn their flower harvest into a concentrated form.

Getting the most out of your plant harvest

Wait, don’t throw away those trimmings just yet! The fantastic part about extracting is you can use all the trimmings that you removed from your flowers during harvest. This means all growers can benefit from purchasing extraction equipment by reducing their waste and maximizing the value of their harvest and yields.

Non-solvent vs. Solvent Extractions

There are two ways you can extract oils and pollen from plants: non-solvent and solvent. You’re probably more familiar with concentrations and extracts that were produced by solvents or liquid-liquid extraction.

Non-solvent extractions can be done in a lot of clever and unique ways, and it’s a great place for gardeners to get their hands sticky. The method of non-solvent extraction will determine the consistency and quality of the extract as well.

What are the different ways to extract oil from your harvest?

What good is it to tell you about all these cool ways you can make extracts then just leave you hanging? At Hydrobuilder, we offer you a wide selection of equipment for the four main non-solvent methods: rosin, dry ice/CO2, dry sift, and ice water.

If you find yourself really loving rosin or dry sift extraction then check out our combo packages that combine the two. Super high-quality rosin can be extracted from dry sift, and using the two together is the preferred choice by many for easy homemade concentrates.

Last, you won’t need any special outlet to run our extraction equipment. Simply plug them into a standard house plug.

Rosin – Rosin Presses

Through a combination of pressure and heat, resinous sap called “rosin” is extracted from plant material. At its simplest, a rosin extraction can be done by placing plant material in between parchment paper and pressing it with a hair straightener. This is not recommended because temperature fluctuations can degrade the plant and there is a lack of pressure to extract notable amounts of “rosin”.

Rosin Presses are becoming incredibly popular and are considered to be the latest and greatest in extraction equipment. The plant material is pressed between two heated steel plates and rosin excretes out. Both high temperature (180°F to 330°F) and intense pressure play an equal role in both quantity and quality of the rosin and act as a catch-22. More pressure and higher temperature will produce more rosin, but this also degrades the quality of the rosin if you use too much pressure and heat.

This is why a rosin press that controls these factors for you is heavily desired and why we offer the options of manual, hydraulic, and pneumatic presses.

To use simply turn on your press, set your temperature and any other factors that your unit may come with, then place your plant material into a micron bag which will be placed in between parchment paper. Last, you simply place the parchment paper into your press and let it work its magic.

Dry Sift – Dry Sift Tumblers & Screens

This is the process of separating pollen from plant material by using fine mesh/screens and rubbing the dried plant material over them breaking off the crystals which fall through. Dry sift will give you a powdery extract that can be further processed.

Our Dry Sift Tumblers will do all the work for you, gently tumbling the dry trim and flowers around collecting all the separated resin glands. Tumblers do a much better job than us at perfectly balancing the extraction process of agitating and breaking off resin glands without degrading the rest of the plant material.

To use you simply place your plant material into the cylinder-shaped drum which will then fit right into your tumbler machine, close your lid, turn it on, and run it for around 20 minutes.

Ice Water Extractions: Bubble Bags or Machines

This is the process of washing plant material in extremely cold water which separates the pollen. You’re left with a similar extract as you would see with dry sifting, but the extract is more refined and has a high oil content resulting in a higher grade of concentrate.

Ice Water Extraction produces a more concentrated and desirable oily extract compared to dry sift and dry ice. This leads many choosing it as their preferred method. As well, washing machines gently swirl the plant material around offering a more gentle approach over tumbling machines.

At Hydrobuilder we offer you two options for extracting with ice water: manually mixing with a bag/bucket or using a washing machine as mentioned above.

To use the bucket/bag method, you will layer multiple micron bags on top of each other starting with the smallest number first. After stacking, you will fill the bucket with ice, cold water, and your plant material. Next, you gently stir with a spoon or an electric mixer. After thoroughly mixing, let your stew sit for 10 minutes for proper extraction then strain, stir, and repeat. All bags under 220 microns will have usable product in them, and like always, it’s advised to wash your plant material 2-3 times.

Dry Ice Extractions - Dry Ice / CO2

This is similar to the methods above and will leave you with a powdery collection of resin similar to dry sift. Technically, CO2 extraction should be considered a solvent method. It’s mistaking not considered a solvent because CO2 has a high vapor pressure and leaves no residue as it quickly disappears.

For dry ice, water and dry sift extraction, It’s recommended that you freeze the plant material first as the resin glands are released faster and with less effort. Last, for all the extraction methods you will run your plant material through multiple cycles (2-3 times) to ensure you collected all usable product.

Dry Ice Extraction is a great place for beginners because shaker kits are incredibly affordable and a safe way to extract a lot of usable resin glands that would have been thrown out as trimmings.

To use you simply fill the bucket with the plant material and dry ice – you will want gloves when handling the dry ice. Next, you simply place a micron bag that zips around the bucket, flip it over and shake over a wide and flat surface to collect the resin.

Here at Hydrobuilder, we carry all the equipment you need for extracting CBD oil from your hemp!

What is hemp extraction?

Many hemp farmers cultivate with the end goal of extraction hemp oil or CBD oil from their harvest. Hemp oil has a number of health benefits, such as improving skin, brain function, hearth health, improving hormonal balance, supporting immune system function, and more.

Can you make CBD oil from hemp?

The other main hemp extraction method is for CBD, one of the most powerful natural healing compounds in existence. CBD can help with:

  • Pain management and reduction
  • Inflammation
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Stress
  • Cancer symptoms
  • Protects the brain
  • Hearth health
  • Many more

With the country-wide legalization of hemp, hemp farmers are in a position to be more successful than ever! We carry extraction and distillation equipment for cultivating hemp oil and CBD oil on an efficient commercial level!

If you are a commercial hemp farmer, give us a call and we can set you up with a commercial account. This will get you special pricing, and the assistance of a dedicated commercial account manager to help you every step of the way.

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