• Root Bound Plant Prevention, Symptoms, and Treatment

    If are dealing with a root bound plant, you need to act quickly. It is important to get those roots untangled and your plant repotted.

    All too often, plants that are purchased in containers at garden centers look fine when you buy them. But when you get them home you discover an issue. The roots are all bound in the pot and packed tightly into the container. 

    While you might think that a large root mass is ideal, this is only true if the roots can breathe!

    The reality is that root-bound plants’ symptoms can be extreme and threaten the health of your plant. Sometimes plants that are left root bound for too long will even wilt and die.

    Therefore, it’s important to understand how to re-pot a root-bound plant. You need to do this so that you can keep your plant healthy and growing well. And today, that’s what we’re going to cover.

    First, we’ll teach you how to identify a plant with root circles (another term for root binding). Then, we’ll explain what can happen if you don’t do anything to remedy the situation. Finally, we will discuss how we recommend you go about repotting the plant.

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