Nutrients & Fertilizer

  • Plant Nutrients & pH

    Every plant has a preferred pH range for healthy production. The soil or hydroponic solution pH affects chemical and biological reactions such as availability of essential nutrients, toxicities caused by non-essential elements, and soil health. In short, if your plants are not as healthy as you would like, check you pH first.

  • Dry Organic Amendments

    If you have never used dry organic amendments before, here are some options and guidelines you can start with to get you going. Give it a try!

  • Diagnosing Nutrient Deficiencies In Plants

    Learn all about plant nutrients, how they effect plants and how to diagnose nutrient deficiencies.

  • Molybdenum (Mo) Nutrient Deficiencies In Plants

    Molybdenum is one of six micronutrients required by green plants. Learn how to diagnose and treat molybdenum nutrient deficiencies in plants.

  • Silicon (Si) Nutrient Deficiencies In Plants

    Silicon is not considered an essential mineral for many plants, but has proven beneficial in growth, strength, quality, and resistance to stress.

  • Copper (Cu) Nutrient Deficiencies In Plants

    Although not seen as often as other nutrient deficiencies, a copper deficiency can occur. Learn how to identify and correct a copper deficiency.

  • Boron (B) Nutrient Deficiencies In Plants

    Boron is an essential micronutrient necessary for plant growth but is required in very small quantities. Boron's role in the plant is not fully understood.

  • Iron (Fe) Nutrient Deficiencies In Plants

    Without iron, plants will not be able to grow correctly. Iron is needed for nitrogen fixing, and metabolism. Learn to cure iron deficiencies.

  • Manganese (Mn) Nutrient Deficiencies In Plants

    Manganese is one of the essential elements that manage the growth process of plants. Manganese deficiencies are relatively common indoors.

  • Zinc (Zn) Nutrient Deficiencies In Plants

    Zinc deficiencies are common in fast-growing plants and are easily mistaken for a lack of other nutrients. This can lead to stunted growth and death.

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