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  • How To Transplant A Plant

    Learning how to transplant a plant is a vital step in becoming a serious grower. Transplanting is a necessity if you want your plants to reach their full potential. 

    You want your plants roots to have all the room they need, as they directly influence how your plant grows above soil. We will go in depth on when and how to transplant, but first, let’s talk about why this is so important.

  • Garden Soil and Nutrient Solution Testing - pH, TDS, and More!

    Garden soil and nutrient testing will be your biggest responsibility on a day-to-day basis while growing. Plants are generally pretty resilient, but they can develop some pretty nasty issues if certain aspects of their nutrition are out of whack. 

    Some of the most common things you’ll need to test include pH, PPM, TDS, EC, Temperature, and moisture. You won’t need to test all of these, but there are a few that are definitely important to measure regularly.

    We’ll break this post into two sections - testing your garden soil and testing your nutrient solution. If you’re growing hydroponically, you’ll just need to worry about testing your hydroponic reservoir.

    But if you grow in soil, you may need to test not just your nutrients, but your soil, and sometimes even your runoff.

    In this post, we are going to teach you everything you need to know about soil and nutrient testing!

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  • Plant Training - The Definitive Guide To Getting Bigger Yields

    As you become a more serious grower, the bulk of your work will be on plant training.

    Whether you are simply topping your plants, or bending and tying branches down, you need to do more than just feed your plants and let them grow if you want impressive yields.

    Training your plants leads to more explosive growth, heavier yields, and the ability to dictate the manner in which your plants grow. 

    This is really important for indoor growing, where height may be limited, and you need to grow short, bushy plants.

    Before we start covering all the different methods of plant training, let’s cover some basic information on it!

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  • Best Winter Garden Vegetables To Grow In The Cold

    While it's definitely starting to get colder, there are still winter garden vegetables you can grow year-round!

    For so many of us, gardening is a hobby we are passionate about. Its a huge part of our lives, and not being able to grow for 3-4 months out of the year is awful.

    For some, the solution is simple: just move the garden indoors! This is an awesome way to keep growing year-round, and this style has tons of other benefits as well. You can learn more about it in our definitive guide on indoor growing.

  • How To Protect Plants From Frost

    As winter approaches, you are likely wondering how to protect plants from frost. During these colder months, lots of gardeners either call it quits until spring time or bring their plants indoors.

    Indoor growing is a great way to keep the garden going throughout winter, especially when using a grow tent and grow light. But, not everyone has the space for an indoor grow. But, all is not lost!

    There are plenty of vegetables and plants you can grow during these tough, winter months. And, we have some tips on protecting your plants from frost. This winter, give some of these a try and let us know how it went!

  • How To Increase Terpenes and Terpenoids

    As you become a more serious grower, you’ll wonder how to increase terpenes and terpenoids in your plants. We have 7 tips to get you started!

  • Super Soil Recipe

    Growing organically can be very challenging, and that's why more and more growers are turning to a super soil recipe.

    Super soil is a way to increase your success with organic growing, and allows growers of any skill level to achieve a heavy, plentiful harvest.

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  • How to use Trellis Netting as a Plant Support

    The one aspect of indoor and outdoor gardening that isn’t discussed enough is trellis netting and other types of plant support.  

    Every grower is going to need to use them at some point, but understanding different methods can be confusing.

    There are, after all, dozens of products to choose from.

    How do you know what is right for your needs? 

    That really depends on the type of plant and what you’re planning to do with the plant. We will discuss a few common trellis strategies below.

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  • The Best Garden Pots For Hydroponics and Traditional Growing

    If you plan on growing huge, potent plants, whether it be indoors or outdoors, you need the best garden pots. If you think all garden pots are the same, think again! There is a specific garden pot or container for every growing method, and each one has an ideal growing medium to accompany it. By the end of this, you will know which pot you should be growing in. Before we go crazy educating you on all the different types of garden pots, let's start with a lesson on root conditions. You need to understand the importance of root pruning and air pruning to prevent root circles, how to improve aeration and drainage, and more.

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