• Drip Irrigation: Everything You Need To Know

    Your garden is beautiful and bountiful, however, it can be too much to manage and water on a daily basis. As your garden grows it becomes more important to find an easy way to water your plants.

    Drip irrigation systems are a popular way to water plants in outdoor gardens, greenhouses, and even indoor hydroponic gardens. Here at Hydrobuilder we highly recommended this method to water plant and vegetable gardens. 

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  • Harvest Waste Disposal - What Should You Do With All The Leftover Plant Matter?

    Something that not many growers think about as their facility grows is how they're going to manage the increased volume of harvest waste disposal they're responsible for.

    Once the harvest season has ended and your flower is drying or curing, you still have some work to do - you need a legal, environmentally-friendly, efficient way to get rid of all that plant waste from trimming and bucking.

    This plant matter isn’t like grass clippings, which can decompose in just a few weeks. Rather, leaves and stems can take anywhere from 6-12 months to fully decompose. Traditional plant waste disposal solutions are inefficient, costly, and detrimental to the planet.

    As more and more organizations look for a holistic, cost-effective way to deal with that harvest waste, innovative solutions have quickly emerged.

    Today, we’re going to introduce a few options you have that can greatly reduce your time spent worrying about plant waste and save you money. Let's start by looking at the environmental concerns regarding harvest waste disposal.

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  • Quest IQ Review - All In One Commercial HVAC & Humidity Control

    Commercial grow operations need commercial grow room HVAC & humidity solutions - that’s why we’re going to share our Quest IQ Series review with you today.

    When you have a large investment on the line and you’re trying to cultivate the best crop possible, there is no room for error. 

    You need the best climate control system on the market, one that offers flexibility, redundancy, and precision - that’s what the Quest IQ Series is all about.

    And with the GrowSentry technology behind it, you can finally free yourself from the grow room with remote access to everything you need.

    No matter how your facility is set up, you can configure this system to perform efficiently and effectively, ensuring you don’t deal with any environmental issues that could lead to compromised crop quality, or worse, crop loss.

    Growers who invest in the Quest IQ Series can experience up to 30% savings on top of the increase in crop quality, which further increases your bottom line.

    Throughout the rest of this review, we'll explain what exactly this series is, and who it's for - along with all you can gain from implementing it in your facility.

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  • The Best CMH Grow Lights Of 2024

    If you are looking for the best CMH grow lights to take your plants from seed to harvest, you have come to the right place. 

    Not only are we going to share our top ceramic metal halide grow lighting picks of the year, but we’ll help you pick the right one for you and your grow room.

    CMH grow lighting is a great technology for full cycle growing, right up there with LED grow lights

    Whether this is your first light or you’re looking to upgrade from your existing grow light setup, we have something for you on this list.

    Let’s start by covering some basic information on this technology, and explain our criteria in picking the candidates for this list!

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  • Greenhouse Growing: How to Plan, Build, & Grow In Your Own!

    Greenhouse growing allows you to grow your favorite veggies or flowering plants during the colder months while protecting from outdoor conditions.

    But this is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of reasons you should consider growing in a greenhouse!

    This is the perfect medium between indoor growing and outdoor growing, and we are going to teach you everything you need to know about this style of gardening. That includes what greenhouse growing even is, along with why you should give it a try. 

    Then, we’re going to discuss which plants you can try and grow, and when you can plant them according to different climates. 

    After we share some general information on greenhouse growing, we’ll teach you how to build a greenhouse cheap. 

    We’ll conclude our guide by explaining some tips & tricks for taking plants from seed to harvest in one. We’ve got a lot to cover, so let’s dive right in!

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  • Vertical Growing: The Future Of Gardening & Farming

    Vertical growing is the way of the future - at least some people think so. Others have no idea what it even is.

    When you think about agriculture, what comes to mind? For most people, it’s growing crops in horizontal lines on the ground. 

    While this traditional system of agriculture has worked well for many years (centuries, even!) there’s a new method of growing food that’s taking the world by storm - vertical agriculture.

    Vertical agriculture, or vertical growing, is the practice of growing plants by stacking or layering them, growing them vertically rather than horizontally. 

    Not only does it use less space, but vertical farming also can be done in a hydroponic setup.  There are several methods, including indoor vertical farming. 

    But whatever the case may be, it’s a smart way to extend a growing season, extend a growing space, and extend your garden’s productivity. Here’s everything you need to know.

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  • Harvest Automation: Increase Efficiency With Trimmers, Buckers, and Conveyors

    Harvest automation is something every commercial grower should be striving towards because it means higher profits, better flower, and a more discreet operation with fewer workers.

    These days, even small-scale operations can increase the productivity of their harvest, by switching from hand trimming to machine trimming.

    Previously, only the largest grows could afford to invest in a trimming machine, but as technology advances, this is no longer the case.

    We have the products to help you automate every aspect of your harvest, but we want to first talk about what we mean when discussing automation.

  • Kind LED K5 XL1000 WiFi Grow Light Review

    Today, we are going to share our KIND LED K5 XL1000 review. We've considered KIND to be an industry leader when it comes to LED’s for quite some time.

    With their new K5 XL1000 WiFi-enabled grow light, we feel stronger about this than ever.

    We recently got the chance to set this light up at our warehouse and were blown away by the performance and control it gives to growers.

    There are so many reasons this light deserves to be ranked among the best in the business, so let’s get to the full review of the KIND LED K5 XL1000 WiFi!

  • Gorilla DE Commercial Grow Light Review

    Because of Gorilla Grow Tent’s reputation as one of the best in the indoor growing industry, we just had to get our hands on the Gorilla DE 1,000 Watt Grow Light for a review.

    This grow light is definitely not for everyone. It’s geared towards commercial growers, or hobby growers with high lighting needs. 

    With the trend towards more efficient lighting, such as LED and CMH, you may be wondering, why would Gorilla develop an HPS?

    Well, there will always be a need for super high intensity lights - and this one is just that!

    Let’s get into the review of the Gorilla Pro Series 1000 Watt Commercial DE Grow Light.

  • Botanicare Slide Bench Review

    We got the chance to setup and review the Botanicare Slide Bench, one of the latest additions to the commercial hydroponics industry. This bench offers a substantial increase in efficiency, flexibility, and profitability for commercial growers.

    If you aren’t familiar with the Botanicare Slide Bench, it is a premium hydroponics bench that helps commercial growers get the most out of their floor space.

    It completely eliminates the need for aisles in a commercial warehouse or grow room, maximizing the use of expensive, limited floor space.

    To create an aisle, simply slide the bench out of your way and walk through. In our opinion, this alone makes it a must have for serious commercial facilities.

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