Advanced Lighting Techniques

Do you have a large commercial grow that has unique needs? Let Hydrobuilder provide the solutions to all your lighting problems. Our team of experts can put together a custom solution call at 888-815-9763 or email us for a custom quote.

Advanced Lighting Techniques

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Do you have a large or commercial grow that has unique needs? Let Hydrobuilder provide the solutions to all your lighting problems. Our team of experts can put together a custom solution for whatever you need no matter how large your problem. Give us a call at 888-815-9763 or email us for a custom quote.

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Electromagnetic Interference can be a big issue when it comes to large overhead HPS and plasma installations where ballasts are located far away from lamps in order to reduce heat in grow areas. When high frequency lead lines run long distances, the unshielded wire tends to act as an antenna. In order to mitigate this issue, it’s best to use integrated fixtures or try to keep these wire runs as short as possible. If this is not possible chokes can be applied to ballast lines in order to reduce EMI.


Choke Ferrite core choke


Lighting Efficiency

Bulbs, ballasts, and reflectors lose efficiency over time. Some studies have shown up to a 5% loss in output from these components over a year period. It is recommended that you replace bulbs yearly. New information suggests that reflectors should also be replaced every 2 years in order to keep your light output at peak performance. The reason for this is that reflectors can become coated with foreign particulate which cuts down on their effectiveness as well as long term exposure to light reduces the overall reflection of the surface and breaks it down. Ballasts should also be replaced about every 3 years under heavy use.

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Flipboxes are a great way to be more efficient with your lights. The idea is that for a fixed set of ballasts, double the lights can be run by alternating which lights are on at any given time, see figure 1.

Flipbox Figure 1.

This means that your ballasts never have to sit idle, they can always be working which is a great way to cut down on overhead costs and improve efficiency.

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Lighting Controls

Lighting Control

This can take much of the headache out of getting your lighting setup perfectly tuned in. Controllers can control the duration, intensity, and health of your lighting setup. Knowing when a bulb is out or a light is malfunctioning helps you get the problem corrected and back to growing. This also ensures that you are lighting your garden efficiently in order to save time and money. Advanced controllers will integrate with fans, temperature sensors, humidity sensors and other equipment in order to manage temperature, lighting, and many other aspects of the grow. Some of these can even output this data to your smart phone or the cloud for remote management. If temperatures reach heightened levels fans and a/c units can come on to cool the grow, water chillers and dehumidifiers can control water temperature and humidity respectively. Titan controls is a brand that produces a comprehensive line of controllers that can integrate with one another in order to make your environment more efficient and reduce work for you. Autopilot and Dimlux are also brands that produce some of these types of controllers. You can see the full line of environmental as well as lighting controls at


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Light Meter

Light Meters

Since light is the most critical component of a plant's lifecycle, having an accurate and dependable meter to measure how much light is actually reaching your plants is vital to ensure optimal growth. Light can be measured in many ways from footcandles to micromols to PAR and even watts. PAR gives the most accurate reading of the type of light plants need to thrive.

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Light Movers

Light movers are a great way to have one lamp cover more area. They work by slowly moving the light back and forth across a track on the ceiling or roof of the grow tent. Added benefits include better canopy light penetration, reduction in hot spots, and an imitation of the way the sun moves across the sky during the day. All of these things work to make light movers a very efficient way to do more with less.

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Eye Protection And Color Correction

If you are going to spend your days under 1000 watt lights trying to work on plants then you need some eye protection from the brightness. Many lights are setup to favor plants preferred color spectrum such as KINDLed lights and give plants a purple color. Color corrected glasses help growers identify issues with leaves and stems faster and don't require growers to turn off LED lights in favor of full spectrum lights to observe plants. They also offer a degree of eye protection from particulate matter that might get into eyes in the course of gardening work.



Veg Grow Light

Clone & Seedling Lights

The lighting requirements for new and young plants vary from mature plants. Having the right light for the job promotes a healthy plant and strong early start. Fluorescent and LED lights have lower energy cost to run and make great choices for early plant development. Many advanced growers will separate their grows, keeping the vegetative plants under one lighting system and flowering/blooming plants in another grow room under a different lighting system. This saves them having to change out bulbs or fixtures when clones and seedlings become mature enough to flower. This also allows for a continual growing cycle as mature plants are rotated out new seedlings or clones are brought in to take their place.

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