Grow1 Deep Water Culture Hydroponic System - 1 Bucket

Grow1 Deep Water Culture Hydroponic System - 1 Bucket

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  • Total System Volume
    5 Gallons

The Grow1 DWC 5 Gallon Reservoir Complete Kit includes everything you need for a complete hydroponic system

Looking for an inexpensive and easy way to grow hydroponically? The Grow1 Deep Water Culture Kit is the answer! Super easy to use, the Grow1 DWC kit system allows you to get up and growing in no time, with very little effort.

In a Deep Water Culture system, the plant roots are immersed in an oxygen infused and nutrient-rich water reservoir. The oxygen-rich solution helps build healthy root systems faster and more efficiently than soil which results in superior plant growth and higher yields in your overall production!

Additional information regarding Grow1 DWC Hydroponic System

  • Ideal for 1 plant
  • Suitable for tents and greenhouses
  • Recommended tent size of 2'x 2' or larger
  • Recommended growing mediums:
    • Coco Peat or Coco Coir
    • Perlite
    • Clay Pebbles
    • Rockwool
    • Cubes
    • Vermiculite
    • Any other standard hydroponic grow media
  • Be sure to use nutrients specifically for hydroponic growing

What is included?

  • (x1) 5 Gallon Buckets
  • Clay Pebbles 400g
  • Air stone
  • Air Pump
  • Tubing
  • Fittings
  • Valves
  • Grommets
  • Plugs

Need more info before getting started?

If you've read our Hydroponics 101 guide, you know this is not exactly a simple growing style. But, the Grow1 DWC 4 Bucket System makes it as easy as possible. It's a super forgiving system, as any feeding or pH mistakes you encounter will not be amplified to the extent they would be in more advanced systems.

Our Learning Center for Hydroponics has a plethora of great articles for anyone looking to learn a little bit more about growing hydroponically before taking the plunge. Some of the top articles we recommend in this section of our learning center are:

Tech Specs


Plant Count1
Growth Module Size5 Gallon
Number of Rows1 Row
Total System Volume5 Gallons
Weight (lb.)7
Width (in.)10
Height (in.)15
Length (in.)10
Prop 65No
Lead TimeThis product ships in 3-5 Business Days