How To Stabilize The pH Of Growstones

How To Stabilize The pH of Growstones. pH stabilization is necessary since growstones naturally come from the manufacturer with a high pH.

How To Stabilize The pH Of Growstones

Growstones, manufactured in the USA from 100% recycled glass, are not only environmentally friendly, but have many benefits for your plants! They can be used in any hydroponic setup and will grow well with fruits, veggies, herbs and flowering plants.

Before getting started, you will want to take the proper steps to prep your Growstones. Making sure they are free of dust and making them pH balanced is extremely important, especially when using them solely in a hydroponic system.

Preferred Growstone Preparation for your Hydroponic System:

  1. Rinse Growstones with a hose to get rid of any unnecessary debris
  2. Soak for 24 hours with 5.5 pH adjusted tap or well water. For best results soak in a bucket where the amount of water doubles the amount of Growstones
  3. After 24 hours, discard the bucket of water in the garden
  4. Flush the Growstones with 5.5 pH adjusted tap/well water as a final rinse
  5. Place Growstones in your system with pH adjusted nutrient solution

Alternative Method to Prepping your Growstones to Mix with other Grow Media: 

  1. Poke small holes at the bottom of the bag
  2. Open the top of the bag and rinse the Growstones with a garden hose
  3. Drain
  4. Mix one part Growstones with 2-4 parts peat moss, coco coir, composted soil or any other mix you may prefer

Transplanting your plants into Growstones: 

  1. Transplant by carefully setting the roots of your plant in a hole large enough to contain them
  2. Cover plant roots with Growstones planting mix pressing gently with your hands
  3. Water immediately after transplanting. This creates solid contact between the roots and their new environment

Getting your growstones ready for gardening is easy.


Always soak and rinse your Growstones before using them. Soak them in pH balanced water and adjust as necessary until they have a neutral pH. Growstones make an ideal medium due to their rough surface, which forces roots to branch and grow thicker. This promotes water and nutrient uptake in the plants.

If you want to learn more about the different growing media available to you, check out our full guide!

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