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Gold Range Nutrients unique ionic technology delivers massive amounts of the best available nutrition to your plants – far above that of any inferior product. By providing a unique ionic charge to the elements contained within Gold Range Nutrient, we unlock nature’s awesome genetic power! Designed specifically for use with all growing media, Gold Range Nutrients high performance action performs equally well in any grow system – truly universal! Try it today and unlock the power in your garden!

Dutch Master™ Feeding Schedule

Gold Grow A & Gold Grow B / Gold Flower A & Gold Flower B - GOLD nutrient delivers beyond all expectations. During Dutch Masters extensive field trials, GOLD repeatedly produced a 25 to 40% greater yield than the leading brands from North America and Europe! GOLD will absolutely deliver you the biggest yield you have ever experienced - our tests proved it! Meticulously crafted with rare earth elements, plant extracts and finally incorporated with a revolutionary new "Organic Hybrid" technology, GOLD will deliver the ultimate yield - the yield that you have been striving to achieve.

ADD.27 Grow & ADD.27 Flower - Gold Range Add.27 is your best bet in providing the specialized mineral nutrition and phyto-nutrients your plants' need, to deal with the day to day pressures put on them. Unwanted plant stress can sometimes cause a big reduction in yields and can come from a variety of sources, excess heat or humidity, over-feeding, etc. Gold Range Add.27's high performance action does equally well in any media, or any system - truly universal!

Gold Zone - Trusted around the world by countless growers, Gold Range ZONE ensures that your root system and environment are optimized to help your plants take up to 100% of what they need - all of the time! Forget the enzymes and forget the beneficial bacteria. Gold Range ZONE has been specially formulated by Dutch Master's Plant Physiology & Biochemistry scientists for use as a full time maintenance program outperforming everything in its class and is your frontline tool of choice for the ultimate root zone environment! Don't leave your root zone in the hands of just any product. Choose the one trusted by thousands of growers worldwide. Choose Gold Range ZONE! Gold Range ZONE is designed specifically for use with most growing media and its high performance action performs equally well in any grow system - truly universal! Try it today and see just how important your optimized root zone is when looking for that bumper crop!

Gold Silica - is a special formulation of plant available silicon designed by Dutch Master's in-house Plant Physiologist and Biochemist to help restore natural plant levels of silicon so your plant can build strong cell walls resulting in a well-formed plant. When using a modern performance based nutrient like Gold Range Nutrient, Gold Range Silica is essential to help maximize the results you get from these high tech wonder nutrients.

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BrandDutch Master
Nutrient ApplicationHydroponic and Soil Nutrient
Nutrient TypeSynthetic Based