Clip-On Fans

If you know you need to be circulating the air in your grow room or grow tent, but are tight on space, worry no more. Clip-on fans will circulate air and provide a steady breeze without taking up space.

What is a clip-on fan?

A clip on fan is exactly what it sounds like: a fan that clips onto different parts of your growing space. These small fans are perfect for grow tents, as space is generally pretty tight in these.

You can angle your fan towards grow lights and reflectors to directly combat heat. We recommend you use multiple clip on fans, as these do not rotate.

Clip on fans are either 6 inches or 8 inches, and operate of a standard 120 Volt supply.

If space is not an issue, you will probably be better off with an oscillating fan, a floor & pedestal fan, or a wall mount fan. If these are not viable due to space restrictions, a series of clip-on fans will do a great job of moving air around in your tent or room!

If you have any questions give our experienced growing staff a call at 888-815-9763! Be sure to stop by our learning center to learn more about creating the best environment possible!


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