EcoPlus Blower is no longer available

EcoPlus Blower is no longer available


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Quiet, powerful, and dependable, the Hurricane Blower is the ideal solution for all your ventilation needs. This industrial grade blower is great for a wide variety of applications, particularly indoor gardening. It gives you an effective and easy way to control temperature and humidity in your growing area.

  • Built-in intake flange
  • 10 foot grounded power cord
  • Great for growing areas
  • Powder coated steel housing
  • 1 year warranty

Great for growing areas
For those of you doing indoor gardening, this blower provides a great way to control temperature and humidity levels in your growing area. Having quality ventilation is key for maximizing garden productivity, and these reliable blowers are perfect for the job.

Built-in intake flange
Adding a layer of convenience to this blower than you often don't see, an intake flange adapter is built right into the fan. This means that you don't need to purchase any hose adapters separately, saving you on costs and time. It's significantly easier to get things up and running with these blowers.

10 foot grounded power cord
While other ventilation options can be problematic or costly to install, you won't find that issue with Hurricane's blowers. These fans include a 10 foot grounded power cord which makes it easy to install them and wire them up. They'll be up and running in no time and at minimal cost to you.

Powder coated steel housing
When you're looking for a high performance fan, you know you need one that will last a long time in potentially harsh conditions. Hurricane's blower fans are contained in a powder coated steel housing giving them durability and, by extension, unmatched reliability.

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