Bluelab is one of the most reputable suppliers of meters and testing equipment for your hydroponic system or garden. They are known for their high-quality pH, temperature, and conductivity pens, meters, monitors, along with pH and nutrient dosing systems.

Bluelab equipment can be used by everybody, from the home gardening enthusiast to a serious commercial cultivator. Bluelab has 30 years of experience and are leaders in the industry, as they always strive to provide exactly what their customers need with not only products, but service as well. Their reputation is built upon designing products that people love to use & removing the guesswork and stress from managing water based solutions.

Bluelab Pens

One of their most popular product lines, Bluelabs pens make testing your nutrient solution, soil, or water very easy. Simply insert the probe or end of the pen into whatever you are testing, and read the screen.

If you want to see one of these pens in action, watch us adjust the pH of our nutrient solution here.

Bluelab Meters

Bluelab's meters make measuring pH, conductivity, or temperature of solutions and soil or other media simple. The combo meter plus allows you to measure pH, conductive/ppm, and temperature with one tool.

Bluelab is commonly known as the manufacturer of the famous Bluelab Commercial Truncheon Meter. This tool is the easiest way to measure conductivity, with no calibration required!

Bluelab Grow Room Monitors

For those seeking automation of their grow room, look no further than the Bluelab Guardian Monitor Connect. This incredible device frees you from constantly testing your growing conditions, and instead, constantly displays current conditions.

You can even access this data from the cloud on your smart phone or computer, allowing you to take a vacation or relax for an evening without worry.

Bluelab Nutrient and pH Dosers

Speaking of automation, auto dosers are the key to freeing you from the grow room.

The Bluelab pH Controller Connect allows you to set and forget your pH levels. The controller will adjust them as needed. If you really want to take automation to the next level, check out the Bluelab Pro Automated PH and Nutrient Controller. This will constantly feed your plants the ideal nutrient levels, with the proper pH range.

If you are tired of feeling chained to your plants, and want to let technology do the work, check out our definitive guide to grow room automation.

Bluelab Replacement Probes, Care Kits, and Accessories

Once you automate your garden, you need to make sure to keep it running effectively and efficiently. Probes will degrade over time, so its not a bad idea to keep a few replacement probes on hand.

You will also need to calibrate and care for your equipment. We carry Bluelab calibration solutions for conductivity and pH. We also have care kits to rejuvenate your supplies, along with storage solutions to prepare them for storage.

Want to learn more about calibrating and caring for your Bluelab equipment? Watch us calibrate a Bluelab pH pen here..

We also carry parts and accessories for your Bluelab testing supplies, such as the Bluelab Connect Stick, a necessary component for accessing your data remotely.

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