Bluelab pH & Nutrient Dosers

For serious growers looking for complete automation of their grow, look no further than Bluelab's pH and nutrient dosers. These reliable autodosing systems will free you from the grow room entirely! Simply enter in the parameters you want your system to stay within, set it up, and you are well on your way to automation.

The Bluelab pH Controller and Auto Doser

The Bluelab pH Controller & Auto Doser is one of the more budget friendly monitoring and dosing systems Bluelab manufactures. It is incredibly simple to set up, and will get the job done efficiently.

The Bluelab Pro Automated pH and Nutrient Controller

For larger, more serious commercial growers, consider the Bluelab Pro Automated PH and Nutrient Controller. This high-quality controller gives you more control over your reservoir, and when paired with a dosing system, will automatically top off and adjust your reservoir.

Pair with the Bluelab PerioPod L3, M3, or M4 Nutrient and pH Auto Doser

A good option for pairing this device is either the Bluelab PeriPod L3 Nutrient and pH Auto Doser, the Bluelab PeriPod M3 Nutrient and pH Auto Doser, or the Bluelab PeriPod M4 Nutrient and pH Auto Doser.

Want to learn more about freeing yourself from the grow room? Check out our Guide To Grow Room Automation.

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