Sun Blaze T5 HO - Fluorescent Fixture with 6500K Lamp

Sun Blaze T5 HO - Fluorescent Fixture with 6500K Lamp

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Fixtures include FREE pre-installed Spectralux T5 HO 6500K lamps!

One of the fundamentals of hydroponics is good lighting, and the Sun Blaze T5 High Output 2 Ft Flourescent Lamps 20 Count 960315 brings you exactly that. With its blend of reliability, energy efficiency, and power, this lamp is great for any hydroponics setup. It includes mounting hardware that makes it easy to setup and use anywhere with its simple on/off switch operation. Daisy chain them together for even more flexibility in your setup.

High output lamps
Any hydroponics enthusiast knows that high quality light makes for high quality growing. This lamp has an extremely high lumen per watt rating, giving it more utility while also being more energy efficient. It's ideal for all sorts of hydroponics applications.

2 feet / 4 feet - 1 lamp
These lamps can come in a couple different configurations with different lengths.

Easy operation
You won't find yourself struggling to make use of this light fixture. It's easy to install which lets you place it almost anywhere you could imagine and the simple on/off switch makes it easy to control the bulb power. You'll know your plants are getting exactly what they need.

  • 6500K blue lamp
  • Energy efficient
  • Easy installation
  • On/off switch
  • Daisy chainable
  • High output

Daisy chain
Do you have a larger hydroponics system that needs coverage from multiple fixtures? Not a problem. These units have a built-in daisy chaining feature that allows you to string multiple fixtures together to get wide coverage. From the smallest system to a full room, you can get everything you need.

Includes mounting hardware
Installation is a breeze with these lamps. They come with easy to use mounting hardware and are lightweight, letting you get them set up quickly and easily in places other lamps can't reach. With these, you'll be able to get your hydroponics system setup to maximize plant growth and health.

Long life
A good grow light needs to be reliable as well as effective. Thanks to the energy efficient high output ballast, this lamp offers you a long life so you know that when you flick the switch it will power on properly. Sun Blaze gives you the best tools for your plants.

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