Covert Fluorescent T5 Grow Lights

Covert Fluorescent T5 Grow Lights

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Covert Fluorescent T5 Grow Lights Is A Perfect Choice For Starting Seeds Or Clones, Or Even The Vegetative Stage!

Covert Fluorescent T5 grow lights are an affordable fixture, perfect for growers looking for a compact, low energy use/low heat output grow light for use in grow rooms, grow tents, and nurseries. The Covert 2ft/4bulb fixture can cover up to a 3' x 2' growing space and the Covert 4ft/4bulb fixture covers up to a 5' x 3' at the recommended hanging height of 6" - 24".

The Covert T5 Grow Lights are passively cooled with absolutely no moving components. This means they are not only less noisy, but more reliable than lights with fans. The built-in lamp reflectors direct light back to the plant efficiently, ensuring no light is wasted. The included bulbs produce up to 8,000 lumens, as much as a 150 watt MH lamp with little to no heat generated, which helps cut down on any additional and expensive HVAC costs while keeping your plants happy & healthy.

Features of the Covert T5 Grow Lights

  • 4 Foot 4 Bulb Fixture - Perfect for 5' x 3' growing spaces
  • 2 Foot 4 Bulb Fixture - Perfect for 3' x 2' growing spaces
  • Ideal for cloning, propagation & vegetative growth
  • Recommended Hanging Height 6" to 24" Above Canopy
  • Can Be Hung Horizontally or Vertically Depending On Your Intended Application
  • Horizontal Slats Cool The Fixture & Lamps Effectively.
  • Durable White Powder Coated Steel Housing
  • Includes 8 Foot 120 Volt Power Cord

What's In The Box

  • Covert Fluorescent T5 Grow Light
  • 6,500K Fluorescent T5 Veg Bulbs
  • 120 Volt Power Cord
  • User Manual

Includes 6,500K Vegetative Spectrum T5 Lamps

The included full daylight spectrum 6,500 Kelvin Covert T5 grow bulbs are perfect for the vegetative period of plant growth. Each producing 2,000 Lumens while only using 24 Watts, these high output fluorescent lamps are also a great energy-saving alternative to metal halide lamps for growth in veg when the light intensity needs are lower.

Want to flower your plants with this T5? Although flowering with a fluorescent grow lights is usually not recommended, the Covert T5's make it possible when you swap the included 6,500k lamps for Replacement 3,000K T5 Flowering Lamps . This fixture is also compatible with replacement T5 LED lamp to increase effeicincy and lower wattage further!

Dual Switching Electronic Ballasts (*only on 4ft 4 bulb model)

The Covert 4 ft 4 bulb T5 Grow Lights are equipped with two electronic ballasts, each controlled separately by two power switches that allow you to turn off 2 of the 4 lamps at a time, reducing the power usage by 50%, if needed. The 2 ft 4 bulb version does not include this function.

How To Hang Your Fluorescent T5 Grow Light

Specifically for seed starting and plant cloning, you will want to keep your T5 light about 6" - 12" above your seedlings to help prevent excessive stretching. This also ensures you are giving your plants plenty of light energy. Once they grow past the seedling stage, the light can be raised to around 12" - 24" above the top of the plant canopy which increases the light coverage.

Always test the canopy level to gauge leaf surface temperature, since canopy temperature and room ambient temperature might vary. If your hand gets too hot at the plant canopy level, then the light is most likely too close to the plants and should be raised up. Read our complete guide on how to hang grow lights for more information.

Why use Fluorescent Grow Lights?

Fluorescent lights have been a staple in grow rooms around the world for as long as grow lights have been around, and for good reason. Fluorescent technology is great for growers that want a higher intensity light compared to CFLs, but can’t afford the height & investment requirement that other lights require. Fluorescent Grow Lights are great for the vegging and Cloning and Propagation , plus they can be placed much closer to the canopy of your plants.

Color temperature has a strong influence over plants and different temperatures will affect plants in different ways. A blue or bright white found in the temperature range of 5000K is recommended for plants in the vegetative stage as it keeps them short and bushy.


Covert Fluorescent T5 Grow Lights Reviews

Good quality and packaging
just need more sizes, i needed a 4 ft 8 lamp but went with the 4 ft 4 lamp

Good T5
Replacing my 4 ft 4 bulb sun blaze fixture with this. Looks to be built well. fast shipping

Good product, great packaging
These arrived super quick and the packaging was perfect! In the past I ordered a t5 from another company and it arrived broken. The lamps were all smashed since they shipped them in the fixture themselves.

The covert packaging has the lamps separately packaged in tubes, not assembled in the fixture which is very very smart! Everything was easy to set up and the light works great!

This will be my new light for my veg tent.

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