Botanicare CNS17 Nutrient Package

Botanicare CNS17 Nutrient Package

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Botanicare CNS17 Nutrient Package
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Botanicare CNS17 Nutrient Package
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Botanicare CNS17 Nutrient Package
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Botanicare CNS17 Feeding Schedule

CNS17 Grow is extremely concentrated, cost effective, and produces premium results for the commercial grower and hobbyists.

Super concentrated, fully chelated mineral formulas. Ideal for Deep Water Culture (DWC), Aeroponics, and NFT Systems!

CNS17 is the result of an innovative technology that allows Botanicare to produce a professional strength, one part nutrient with all of the required mineral ions in correct balance. Originally developed as a professional grade nutrient by renowned scientist Dr. Lynette Morgan, CNS17‘s revolutionary suspension technology utilizes polysaccharides in a proprietary process that makes it possible for all 17 essential plant nutrients to be contained in convenient single bottle formulas. Once diluted in water, these simple sugars hydrolyze and provide the added benefit of becoming a highly available energy source for beneficial microbes and plants. No other product offers such a complete range of elements in a single bottle while priced at less than half most major competitors. CNS17 is a high yielding, low cost nutrient that provides everything plants need in single grow, bloom, and ripening formulas!

Click the names of each product in the CNS-17 line for a full detailed description. Easily view the feeding chart below.

Botanicare CNS17 Feeding Schedule

CNS-17 Grow/CNS-17 Bloom/CNS-17 Ripe - CNS17 Grow contains all seventeen essential elements, making it ideal an food source for plants to thrive throughout the vegitative growth phase. Optimal ratios of nitrogen and phosphrous promote increased root development, decreased internode spacing, and sturdy stalks and branchers to support bigger, healthier plants. CNS17 Bloom Formulated for all grow medias, the NPK ratio in CNS17 Bloom was designed to provide specific critical elements to support heavily fruiting and flowering crops which allows phosphorus and potassium levels to be maximized without leading to toxicity or nutrient burn. CNS17 Ripe is a highly concentrated, economical nutrient that produces premium results for both commercial and small scale growers. CNS17 Ripe was developed to maximize crop potential and quality during the final growth phase in fruiting and flowering plants.

Liquid Karma - represents a significant breakthrough in plant nutrition because it contains a full complement of metabolically active and organic compounds not found in regular plant foods or supplements. These unique compounds are absorbed immediately and act as regulatory signals, activators or catalysts to produce synchronized and accelerated growth under all conditions. Liquid Karma functions as a plant engine because its high metabolic activity produces a large amount of energy which is immediately transformed to growth.

Hydroplex Bloom Enhancer - is a premium, plant nutrient supplement formulated to push your crops to their harvest limits. Hydroplex Bloom Maximizer works with your existing nutrient formula to create big, brilliant, blooms.

Silica Blast - Let Your Plants Flourish! Silica Blast helps strengthen plant tissue allowing plants to flourish in adverse environmental conditions such as heat, drought, and frost. Silica Blast Plant Bio-Mass Yield Enhancer is a beneficial nutrient supplement aimed to strength plant tissue and be used in conjunction with Botanicare nutrients or your preferred standard nutrient program. Silica Blast is ideal for use in soilless container and hydroponic applications as well as soil applications

Hydroguard - This unique formula, available exclusively from Botanicare, contains an isolated form of Bacillus bacteria known as Bacillus Amyloliquefaciens. This bacterium was selected, specifically, for it’s superior ability to amplify root mass and health, especially in hydroponic gardening, when compared with the more common and well known Bacillus Subtilis species. Upon application, the highly concentrated and pure culture of Bacillus bacteria contained in Hydroguard rapidly colonize the rhizosphere. These specialized rhizobacteria, assist in the breakdown of organic materials, and increase nutrient availability.

Vitamino - The breakthrough formula provides the nutrition necessary to restore this natural balance. Vitamino increases plants performance in soil, hydroponic, and soilless applications. In nature, plants create a natural balance between photosynthesis and vitamin/amino acid production. However, under accelerated growing conditions, this natural balance is strained. Vitamino is formulated to help restore this balance and help your plants reach peak crop production.

Pure Blend Tea - Pure Blend Tea is a soluble compost tea solution that is easily absorbed by plants grown in hydroponic, soil, and soilless mediums. Select ingredients are brewed with beneficial humic acids to release each element’s unique attributes into this versatile blend. Pure Blend Tea contains all major and secondary components essential for maximizing flavors and aromas.

Clearex - Salt Leaching Solution - Use Clearex to correct the most common cause of crop failure - the buildup of nutrient salt deposits in soils or soilless grow media. A common cause of crop failure can be traced to the build up of nutrient salt deposits in soils or soilless grow media. High salt concentrations in the soil solution cause a shrinkage of plant cell protoplasm away from the cell wall as a result of osmosis. This condition, known as plasmolysis, can eventually lead to irreversible wilting.

Botanicare Sweet (Grape, Citrus, Berry, Raw) - all natural mineral supplement contains a unique combination of organic compounds and essential elements directly involved in plant photosynthesis and respiration. Sweet provides stress free transitions and hearty, fruitful crops. Botanicare sweet meets the metabolic demands of plants throughout their life cycle by providing vital compounds when the plants need them most. All Sweet flavors are scientifically formulated with carbohydrates, organic acids, vitamins, and amino acids to ensure healthy leaf growth in the vegetative stage and a stress-free transition in the fruiting/flowering stage.

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Product Q&A

Botanicare CNS17 Nutrient Package Questions & Answers

What causes CNS17 to have it’s unique appearance and consistency?
The technology used in the formulation CNS17 utilizes polysaccharides (simple sugars) as part of the suspension method that prevents certain elemental macro and micro nutrients such as calcium, phosphates, and sulfates from bonding together and precipitating out of solution while in a highly concentrated state. This is what allows CNS17 to deliver all of essential plant nutrients in just a single bottle. Once diluted into solution these simple sugars cleanly dissolve and provide an energy source for beneficial microbes.

Why does CNS17 appear to be flaking and sinking to the bottom of my reservoir before it is thoroughly mixed?
When mixing CNS17 into water with a temperature below 65° F (23° C) what appears as a separation may seem to occur. CNS17 works best when mixed with water temperatures ranging between 68°-75° F (20°-23° C). A quick and easy way to adjust for low water temperatures in the reservoir is to mix the desired dose with an equal amount of warm water before introducing it into a reservoir that contains water under 68* F. Excessive calcium often found in municipal or well water sources may also bind with the phosphorous in CNS17 causing it to precipitate and fall out of solution. For best results use CNS17 with reverse osmosis water.

If CNS17 is complete, why are some micronutrients not listed on the guaranteed minimum analysis?
To comply with state registration regulations certain micronutrients were omitted from the guaranteed minimum analysis on the label due to their concentrations being low in comparison to the macronutrients. CNS17 does contain all essential micronutrients in the formula including boron (B), manganese (Mn), iron (Fe), zinc (Zn), copper (Cu), molybdenum (Mo), and nickel (Ni). When used at the recommended applications rates CNS17 will deliver all essential micronutrients at the proper ratios.

Is CNS17 Ripe a supplement or a base nutrient?
CNS17 Ripe is a complete base formula. Replacing CNS17 Bloom with CNS17 Ripe during the final two weeks before harvest reduces nitrogen while maintaining phosphorous and potassium within ideal ranges. This specialty formula encourages the plant to focus energy on ripening and swelling it’s fruits and flowers. Due to its high PK value it is not advised to use a bloom stimulant with CNS17 Ripe as doing so may cause an imbalance. Bloom stimulants are safe with all other CNS17 formulas.


Botanicare CNS17 Nutrient Package Reviews

solid nutrient line
I have had better success with more expensive lines, but for the price I was happy with my first grow with this line. Good for small or large sized grows. only thing is it seems to build up some extra salt and my plants struggled at times, although they snapped out of the funk quickly.