Air Conditioners

One of the important aspects of your grow room environment is the temperature. In the winter months, growers generally implement a greenhouse heater to prevent temperatures from falling too low. In the summer months, an air conditioner is essential to indoor gardens, especially to help combat heat generated from components such as grow lights.

What is the ideal temperature for plants?

Just as with humidity, plants will have different temperature needs depending on the stage they are in.

Seeds and clones need higher temperatures of 75-80 degrees Fahrenheit. As the plant moves into veg, temperatures can be reduced to 70-75 degrees. When the plant begins to flower, lower temperature to 68-73 degrees. This cycle simulates the outdoor growing season. An air conditioner is great for climates that struggle to keep temperatures under 80 degrees.

It is best to have a difference in temperature during day and night periods. Try to keep your lights off period 5-10 degrees cooler than when they are on. This can be simple, depending on how much heat your lights produce!

What happens when plants are too hot?

If the temperature is too warm, plants will grow very slowly. During harvest, heat will reduce the smell and potency of buds! Heat can also contribute to powdery mildew, spider mites, root rot, and nutrient burn.

In a hydroponic system, the ideal root zone temperature is 65-70 degrees. When temperatures in the reservoir rise too high, it can lead to heat stress and deprivation of oxygen, slowing or halting growth. Hydroponic water chillers are great for keeping the water in your system cool.

What type of air conditioner should I use in my grow room?

This will depend mainly on the size of your garden, but also the climate you live in, as hotter climates require more cooling. The most popular type of air conditioner is the mini-split. These do not require duct work, which is known to decrease cooling capabilities by 30% while increasing energy usage.

At Hydrobuilder, we also offer commercial grade air conditioners for large operations, and portable air conditioners for hobby farmers with smaller indoor gardens.

Need help sizing your AC unit? Check out our guide to sizing grow room air conditioners

To further automate the environment in your grow room, pair an air conditioner with a temperature controller to maintain a consistent temperature. You can also use your multi-function grow room controller for your A/C unit.

For growers also concerned about colder temperatures, the best option is an air conditioner with a heat pump, which will allow you to cycle between heating and cooling functions depending on the climate and time of year.

How can I cool my grow room without AC?

If you do not have room for an air conditioner in your grow room or grow tent, but you are experiencing heat problems, there are ways to combat this. Your best option is fans and blowers, and using lower heat signature light options like fluorescent grow lights.

For more information on how to manage heat in the grow room, check out this article!

If you need help, check out our full guide to sizing grow room air conditioners.

Want to learn more about how to create an environment that will lead to the highest yields possible? Stop by our learning center! If you still have questions, give one of our experienced growers a call today at 888-815-9763!


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