Hydroponic Water Chillers

In certain climates, the water in your hydroponic system can raise to a harmful temperature for plants. When water is too warm, a plant will be deprived of it's ability to hold dissolved oxygen, which leads to a halt in growth and poor plant performance. This can become an especially common problem during the summer months

How do you cool hydroponic water?

If the temperature in your hydroponic reservoir raises too high, it can lead to a host of problems. At a higher temperature, plant roots lose their ability to hold onto oxygen. With less dissolved oxygen available, growth of the plant will stop.

Warm water also increases the likelihood of pests and molds developing. The ideal range for water temperature in the hydroponic system is 65-75 degrees Fahrenheit. If your reservoir raises over 75 degrees, you will need to use a water chiller.

What is a hydroponic water chiller?

Water chillers are a great way to maintain optimal temperatures in your hydroponic system (between 65-70 degrees). These systems work in conjunction with your water pump to cool your water and ensure your plants are able to absorb the oxygen in the nutrient solution.

Hydroponic water chillers reside outside of the reservoir, and sometimes it makes sense to house the chiller outside of the grow room altogether. While some chillers are submersible, these are generally not practical for hydroponic purposes.

Choosing the right water chiller

The most important consideration when choosing a water chiller for your hydroponic system is the power capabilities. Water chillers are measured in horsepower (HP), and range from 1/10 HP to 2 HP. Choosing a chiller that is too powerful for your system will result in inefficient operation, and one that is not powerful enough will not cool your hydroponic water adequately.

For more information on hydro water chillers, including how to properly size one, check out our full guide on hydroponic water temperature!

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If you want to learn more about hydroponics, check out our learning center where we have a number of articles on the topic! If you still have questions, reach out to us at 888-815-9763 and have one of our experienced growers help you today!


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