HPS & MH Grow Light Reflectors

HPS and MH Grow Light Reflectors

A common goal in the grow room is maximizing efficiency. If you have metal halide (MH) or high pressure sodium (HPS) grow lights, you can increase their efficiency by up to 40% by using a grow light reflector!

Grow light reflectors and hoods redirect wasted light back down onto your plants, ensuring they are seeing as much of the light you use as possible. Without a reflective hood, the top half of the MH or HPS grow light will be illuminating the ceiling. If you are using one of our grow tent kits, you already will have reflective material surrounding the plants. If not, you can further increase light coverage by using mylar and reflective wall coverings!

What are the best types of HPS and MH grow light reflectors?

The most popular grow light reflector is the air cooled reflector, since it not only redirects lost light, but helps cool the area above the plants with the help of an inline fan. These reflectors can be shopped by flange size, which will be the size of your fan. The most common sizes are 6", 8", and 10".

Our non air cooled reflectors are a great way to redirect light for your plants if you are on a budget, but these do generate a fair amount of heat. Combat heat in the indoor garden by implementing fans and blowers or air conditioners.

Three other popular styles are the parabolic, wing, and cool tube reflectors. These three are named for their shape, and are also categorized as open reflectors and hoods. These do not produce as much heat as the non air cooled hood, but you will still want to monitor temperature above the plants with a thermometer.


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