Vermicrop Organics VermiSoil Premium Potting Soil

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Vermicrop Organics VermiSoil Premium Potting Soil


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Vermicrop Organics Brand Product
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VermiSoil Potting Soil is designed as a complete growing medium for heavy fruiting and flowering plants.

VermiSoil’s diverse fibrous content stems from Sphagnum Peat Moss, low salt coco coir. We build on that base with our core humic ingredients: VermiWorm (Eisenia fetida worm castings). These fundamental organic materials are also found in VermiBlend and Vermi T Solution. Similar to those products we fortify the mix with kelp and inoculate it with mycorrhizae. Other ingredients include feather meal, blood meal, bone meal and bat guano. There are trigger levels of nutrients for robust starts, while giving the gardener the option to feed out the gate.

Directions for use:

  • Use for all potted plants, flowers, vegetables, herbs, trees, shrubs or roses.
  • Cover drain hole of container with small rocks or small pieces of broken clay. (Note: Be sure the drain hole is not clogged)
  • Fill container with Vermicrop Organics Potting Soil to desired level.
  • Place your plant in the container allowing enough room for the plants root system to be completely covered with Vermicrop Organic Potting soil.
  • Press soil around your plant gently with your hands until soil becomes slightly firm and supports your plant.
  • Water thoroughly.Depending on planting environment and specific plant needs it may be desirable to add VermiBlend for additional water retention.

NOTE: Vermicrop Organics Premium Potting Soil is a light soil mix designed for heavy feeding plants. The light fluffy nature of the Vermicrop Organics Premium Potting Soil allows the gardener the advantage of additional feedings.

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