Vegamatrix Bloom

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Vegamatrix Bloom


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Vegamatrix Brand Product
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Thicker & Denser Flowers With More Resin & Oil For Maximum Potency & Performance

Vegamatrix Bloom is a vital nutrient for plant health and to develop their full flowering potential. This 100% vegan nutrient has been formulated to ensure that plants receive as much nitrogen and potassium as possible that they can absorb when needed. With Bloom there is no "closure"! The number of degrees brix, which is a measure of the sugar level in the plant tissue, will multiply rapidly, resulting in dense, resin-filled flowers with maximum power and enormous yield.

Vegamatrix Bloom is practically non-abrasive, so it is very difficult for it to over fertilize the plants and burn the leaves. Vegamatrix Bloom produces healthier and CLEANER plants with maximum yield.

  • Improves root development
  • Increases the number of degrees brix (stimulation and flowering)
  • Feeds existing fungi / bacteria
  • All components are bioavailable, to maximize flowering
  • Available In: 1 qt. / 1 gal. / 5 gal. / 55 gal.

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