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Six Reasons To Use HGV Superior Plant Nutrition

HGV is the highest-quality plant nutrient brand for all growers. HGV values purity, profitability, reliability, and consistency. We are a best-in-class product because of our uncompromising quality control. These qualities are the bedrock of our customers’ trust in HGV.

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HGV Competitors

Cost Savings

HGV prioritizes delivering the highest quality flower at the lowest possible cost. Additionally, HGV's higher electrical conductivity means you’ll use fewer nutrients overall in the long run.

Quality Ingredients

Consumed by the importance of the highest raw material inputs, perfect for growers that obsess over the flavor and quality of their end product.

Control in Manufacturing

HGV is driven by product consistency and the highest level of manufacturing quality control. HGV Nutrients ensures that every batch is blended and bagged in-house using proprietary equipment specially designed for HGV.

Achieve Full Genetic Expression

HGV achieves full genetic expression in plants through their versatile nutrient solutions, ensuring high-quality crops for growers of all scales and expertise levels.

Simple & Sophisticated

At our facility, we adhere to the belief that simplicity is the highest form of sophistication, emphasizing the importance of the highest quality raw material inputs.

Unrivaled Customer Service

Whether you are a hobbyist, small-scale, or commercial grower, we're here to guide you’re growth with expert assistance and how-to guides, helping you achieve your goals.

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Patented Formula Proven Over 30 Years

HGV nutrients are certified in the lab to be the highest-quality nitrogen available, ensuring reliability and effectiveness in plant nutrition.

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Three Decades of Superior Plant Nutrition

There are many ways to grow—there is only one best way.

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HGV Nutrients Products

HGV Ready-To-Mix Jugs For Hobby Growers!

The HGV ready-to-mix bottles use the exact same inputs as the commercial bags while being much easier to use and manage for your smaller home growers and gardens.

Proven in Production. Supported by Science.

There are many ways to grow—there is only one best way.

Frequently Asked Questions

HGV fertilizers should be stored in a cool, dry place to avoid clumping or caking. It’s important to understand that dry water-soluble fertilizers are inherently hygroscopic, which means they will take up water over time. This is natural and unavoidable if given the right conditions. Therefore, extreme hot or cold and particularly high humidity should be avoided to keep HGV fertilizers flowable. HGV fertilizers are manufactured in a sealed, climate-controlled facility using the best equipment that avoids breaking up or shearing the fertilizer salts (which also leads to caking). However, once it leaves our factory, it’s difficult to guarantee the product will not cake if improperly stored. It’s therefore important to have a dedicated storage area that is climate controlled if our customers wish to avoid caking completely.

Here are some general tips and tricks:

  • Start with hot water if possible. This will greatly speed up the dissolving process.
  • Remember that the fertilizer salts will increase the volume of the stock solution. If you need to make 25 gallons of concentrate, don’t use a 25-gallon reservoir, size up at least 5 gallons to be safe.
  • Use a light-tight reservoir or tank with a sealable lid. Keep in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight or extreme temperature fluctuations.
  • Use a powerful agitator like a paint mixer and drill.
  • Slowly add HGV fertilizers to the water tank while agitating.
  • Remember to never mix up different HGV fertilizers in the same concentrated stock tank. Each fertilizer (Base, Growth, Flowering) should have its own concentrated stock tank.
  • There is no need to continuously agitate the fertilizers once they are mixed.
  • When mixing either Growth or Flowering stock solutions there may be a very thin layer left in the bottom of the tank once it has settled. This is normal and expected.

Maximum solubility refers to the highest mass of fertilizer that can be stably dissolved in each volume of water. Keep in mind that the maximum solubility changes based on temperature, the hotter the water the higher the solubility and vice versa. As the fertilizer dissolves, it will lower the temperature of the water which may make it difficult to fully dissolve if you are near maximum solubility rates. If you are using room temperature or colder water, reduce the amount of dry fertilizer per gallon.

HGV Base fertilizer has a maximum solubility of 3.0 Lbs./gallon.

HGV Grow and Bloom fertilizers have maximum solubilities of 2.5 Lbs./gallon

Genetics are solely responsible for maturation times of HEALTHY plants. Plants that are not healthy will typically finish earlier because they are under tremendous stress. Proper nutrition will not speed up or slow down maturation!

There is no expiration date for HGV water-soluble fertilizers! Once HGV fertilizers are made into liquid concentrates, they can last many months if properly stored and if the grower is using clean water and properly sanitizing all surfaces. Since the latter practices are harder to standardize, it’s generally best to plan to make enough liquid concentrate to last a month or two, then thoroughly clean out the liquid concentrate tanks and repeat.

No, the product is completely fine to use and there will be no difference in performance. It’s important to understand that the chemical makeup of our fertilizers does not change based on if it has absorbed water, or the mineral salts have adhered to each other, forming clumps. Therefore, caked, or clumpy products are not defective, and will not perform differently. One difference is that the fertilizer(s) may have absorbed water if left in a hot, humid area. So the best practice would be to fully dissolve whole 25lb bags of clumpy product in water, to ensure all the fertilizer is used at once.

For professional growers, it is standard practice to dissolve entire 25-pound bags of HGV fertilizers into 10 gallons of water, forming highly concentrated stock solutions. Each HGV fertilizer (Base, Growth, and Flowering) should be dissolved into its own separate nutrient tank.

Once fully dissolved, these liquid concentrates or stock solutions can be used like any other liquid fertilizer: added to a reservoir or water storage tank.

It is quite common to rely on fertilizer injectors to accurately dose the concentrated HGV fertilizer solutions into the drip irrigation system, simultaneously feeding water and nutrients to the crops. This is called fertigation.

It makes no difference the order you mix the nutrients as long as you follow the proper directions. We do typically adjust pH either first or last depending on the situation but adding Base before or after Flowering or Growth makes no difference!

Most important is that you NEVER add the nutrients before you have the correct amount of water in your concentrate tank / reservoir.

For injectors, the same applies, and you need to be very careful that you are NOT injecting concentrates where they come into contact with each other before they are partially diluted.

Water! Ok, maybe a bit more than that, depending on the ingredients used by the manufacturer. For inorganic liquid nutrients using the same or similar ingredients as we do, then water is the biggest difference. Most companies are taking dry, raw ingredients and dissolving them in water along with some food coloring and bottling them. Depending on the ingredients used, the solubility is usually 2.5-3lbs per gallon. The rest of that gallon is water! One of our 25lb bags would end up in 8-10gallons of water and would weigh 65-85 pounds! imagine what that does to freight cost, not to mention storing all that water in containers in your valuable growing space.

Yes, HGV fertilizers are compatible with all hydroponics, soilless, and potting mixes commonly sold in the market today. HGV nutrients have been extensively tested in coco coir, stone wool (rockwool), peat mixes, and hydroponic liquid cultured systems.

For growers growing in field soils, we recommend a soil test be conducted first. For questions, please contact our technical support teams.

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