CenturionPro 3.0 Dual Rail System for 2 Trimmers

CenturionPro 3.0 Dual Rail System for 2 Trimmers

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Connect your CenturionPro Trimmers to boost productivity and profits

Enhance your elite trimming solution

The Rail Systems enable growers to connect CenturionPro 3.0 trimmers end-to-end, for an enhanced harvesting solution. Connecting 3.0 machines delivers unrivaled power and precision, with growers empowered to better match throughput to grow size and increase capacity as they expand. Through this innovation, multiple machines can be controlled by a single user, which streamlines the harvesting process for improved profitability.

When connected end-to-end in the Rail System, the feed rate of the 3.0 scales up exponentially.

This is the Dual Rail System for 2 trimming machines. There is also a Triple Rail System for 3 trimming machines that can be seen here.

Feed Rate in lbs/hr (Up to)

  • (x1) 3.0 Trimming Machine: Wet 200 - Dry 40
  • (x2) 3.0 Trimming Machine: Wet 445 - Dry 90
  • (x3) 3.0 Trimming Machine: Wet 700 - Dry 140

Ease of operation and Clever Connectivity

The highligh is the 3.0 Rail System’s ease of operation, with just a single user. Delivering flower almost indistinguishable from hand-trimmed product, the combined trimming solution benefits from one of the largest hoppers on the market, with dual-purpose hybrid tumblers designed to trim both wet and dry product.

Double Rail System

With the power to connect dual CenturionPro 3.0 in tandem, the Double Rail System can process up to 445 lbs/ hr of wet flower (90 lbs dry). This is more than twice the production speed of a single trimmer, which prepares growers to scale with demand.

Triple Rail System

The Triple Rail System enables three trimmers to run back to back, for even greater performance. With the ability to place up to three of CenturionPro’s elite harvesting solutions in one system, growers can achieve feed rates up to 700 lbs/hr wet (140 lbs dry).

Connecting trimmers in the Rail System is effective and easy as 1, 2, 3. Simply align the machines on the system’s guides, ensuring the base plates fit to the rail. Once lined up, attach the trimmers with drop pin turnbuckles and tighten until secure. When unified the trimmers can be raised as one by the Rail System’s hydraulic jack, which elevates the harvesting solution to the desired height.

  1. Align the machines on the systems guides, ensuring the base plates fit to the rail.
  2. Connect the trimmers easily with a pin drop turnbuckle, tightening the system securely.
  3. Raise the rail system with the mechanical jack, adjusting the height as required.

Power & Precision

Combined machines provide better performance than when alone, with the whole greater than the sum of its parts. With multiple diverters and suction systems, growers have extra control over air flow and the tightness of the trim.

As flowers spend longer in the tumblers they also receive more cuts, for a more comprehensive trim.

Dual Rail System - 2 Trimmers

Enhance The Elite

CenturionPro machines are manufactured with only the highest quality brand-name components and produce a finished product comparable with hand-trimmed flower. For the first time these machines can now be connected, for even more power, performance and versatility.

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Lead TimeThis product is Built-To-Order and ships in 2-3 Weeks
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