Thousand Per Hour 128 Pre Roll Cone Machine, The Lil Fella

Thousand Per Hour 128 Pre Roll Cone Machine, The Lil Fella


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Quickly meet your pre-roll quota on a budget with the TPH 128 Pre Roll Machine

Many of the pre-roll machines in this industry are catered to those commercial facilities and dispensaries with insane daily cone outputs. Thousand Per Hour noted this and came up with a solution for dispensaries and other businesses that can no longer feasibly fill cones by hand but don't want to shell out $5,000+ for a pre-roll machine.

The Thousand Per Hour 128 Pre Roll Machine, also known as the Lil Fella, is 1/4 the size of their standard 512 machine. It is capable of filling 128 cones at a time, perfect for a small scale operation.

The Thousand Per Hour 128 Pre Roll Machine uses the same custom cut plates and design as it's larger counterpart, but is much smaller, weighing in at just over 10 pounds, with a footprint of 10.25 square inches. When not in use, it fits neatly on a shelf when not in use.

The TPH 128 cone filling machine consists of four main parts - It will ship in two separate boxes:

  • Main Cradle
  • Pop-up Tray
  • Plate
  • Fill Funnel
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Choosing a plate size for the Thousand Per Hour 128 Pre Roll Machine

Just like the TPH 512, the TPH 128 comes in custom brand sizes, including:

Original Cones

  • 70/26mm - ±0.5 Gram Capacity
  • 84/26mm - ±0.5 Gram Capacity
  • 98/20mm - ±0.75 Gram Capactiy

F-Series Cones

  • 98/26mm - ±0.75 Gram Capacity
  • 98/30mm - ±0.75 Gram Capacity
  • 109/26mm - ±1.0 Gram Capacity

Raw Cones

  • 1.25"/26mm - ±0.5 Gram Capacity
  • 98/26mm - ±0.75 Gram Capacity
  • 109/26mm - ±1.0 Gram Capacity

Custom Cones USA

  • 84/26mm - ±0.5 Gram Capacity
  • 98/26mm - ±0.75 Gram Capacity
  • 109/26mm - ±1.0 Gram Capacity

Custom Plate Sizing

If you don't see the specific plate size you are looking for, reach out to us at 888-815-9763 and we can help you tailor your machine to the exact specifications you need. Thousand Per Hour can manufacture plate sizes to meet whatever cones you would like to use.

How to use the Thousand Per Hour 128 Pre Roll Machine

Step 1: Prepare your feedstock / raw material

The feedstock, or what you actually plan to put into your pre-rolls, is the most important part of your pre-roll process. Making sure you are using quality inputs will ensure quality output. For example, using low quality, a harsh, bad-tasting flower will result in a poor joint, no matter how fancy of a machine you use. Take extra steps to use the finest feedstock, screening out stems and leaves, so that only fine material is put into the blunt plates.

Step 2: Place your blunt plates in the cradle

Your plate should fit inside the cradle snugly, but not so tight that you cannot easily lift the plate out of the cradle after each process.

Step 3: Load your cones into the plate

Start placing your pre-rolled cones into the slots in your plate. This process should take one person approximately 15 minutes, and if you have an extension package, you can have another worker fill your extra plate simultaneously to increase productivity. Lightly tap each cone on the head to get it flush inside the plate.

Step 4: Secure your funnel on the blunt plate

The funnel will help keep any material from spilling out during the loading process, as well as the actual filling process.

Step 5: Weight out your feedstock

For the Thousand Per Hour 128 Pre Roll Machine, you should use 141 grams for a full gram roll, or 76 grams for a half gram roll. Weighing it in advance helps with even distribution, and more accurate weights across the plate.

Step 6: Work the feedstock over the plate

Turn the machine on. As the machine vibrates, work the feedstock around the plate, evenly distributing it over each hole. You should till be operating at a low vibration speed. If you took steps to prepare your feedstock properly, it should be fine enough to easily drop into the holes as you work it around. As material builds up in the corners, use the funnel to help work the material back over the plate.

Step 7: Finish the vibration cycle

Once you have appeared to fill each cone, allow the vibration to continue for a bit longer. This will help pack the cone down, resulting in a higher quality end product.

Step 8: Remove the pre rolls

Using the handles on the side, lift the pop up tray out of the machine carefully, as you don't want to disturb the cones.

Step 9: Quality control of your pre-rolls

Ensure your final product is consistent and meets your standards. Tap each cone lightly to set the crutch, weigh, and close off.

Cleaning the Thousand Per Hour 128 Pre Roll Machine

Cleaning the machine is a breeze, as it can withstand any ethanol based solvent (200 proof or IPA). Simply wipe down the stainless steel surfaces with an appropriate solvent, and use boiling hot water for the cone plate itself to preserve it's integrity.

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