Platinium Hydroponics HydroStar Deep Water Culture System

Platinium Hydroponics HydroStar Deep Water Culture System


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Platinium Hydroponics Brand Product
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Flexibility With The Platinium Hydroponics HydroStar DWC System

Platinium HydroStar is available in 5 different sizes, and there truly is a system for every grower out there. The 40 series features just 4 small square pots, while the 60, 40:90, 100, and 120 series have 6, 10, 20, and 30 pots each, respectively. Each system includes a reservoir, tray, square pots, tubing kit, pump, drippers, and easy access reservoir lid. This easy access lid allows you to quickly check the nutrient solution level, and top off as needed. This 100% Modular system can be used with clay pebbles or growstones, and gives complete flexibility to growers .

Measurements: 35.5''x15''x10''

Note: Rockwool does NOT come included with this system

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