Plant Cloning Kit Creator

Plant Cloning Kit Creator


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Start Your Grow Strong With This Plant Cloning Kit!

Instead of trying to piece together all the supplies you need to start cloning plants, get them all at once with our convenient plant cloning kit. You can grab everything you need to get your grow started on the right foot. At the very least, it includes a cloning machine, but you can add on a fluorescent grow light, a rack, rooting gels, rooting solution, pH supplies, and extra cloning collars.

How To Build Your Plant Cloning Kit

We have made building a plant cloning kit a simple five-step process so that you can quickly configure a system in minutes. You start by choosing a cloning system, and from there, we present you with products to round out your kit based on the selection you make. This way, you get exactly what you need, and nothing you don't. No need to worry about whether your supplies will be a good fit for one another!

Step 1) Choose a cloning system

Start by choosing your system. You can choose from 5 different EZ-Clone systems, including:

  • 9 Site
  • 16 Site
  • 32 Site
  • 64 Site
  • 128 Site

If you are just starting a small, hobby grow, you can easily get away with a 9, 16, or even 32 site cloning system. If you have loftier growing goals or are grabbing a plant cloning kit for a commercial grow, you will need one of the bigger ones, such as the 64 or 128 site cloning systems. These will ensure you never have a shortage of clones to move into a veg chamber!

Step 2) Choose a light

Once you've chosen your cloning system, you'll be presented with a number of premium Sun Blaze T5 grow lights. These lights will adequately cover the footprint of your cloning system, and can be placed close to your clones without burning them.

Step 3) Add a rack

If you are growing in a commercial facility, or in your garage and don't have a good place to store your clones, its definitely advised that you grab a rack. Regardless of whether you need one with or without wheels, these racks can really improve your cloning system.

If you are just grabbing a 9 site or 16 site system, you are probably a hobby grower, and won't need a rack. Because of this, we don't show you them. But, if you do want a rack with your smaller system, you can grab one here!

Step 4) Grab cloning gels, solutions, and pH supplies

One of the most important steps of cloning plants is getting the roots to start ASAP. Rooting gels are a must-have for any cloning kit, as you need to dip your cuttings in them before putting them in the cloning system. The rooting solution is important because it keeps your cloning system running in tip-top shape, providing your baby plants with everything they need, while removing any impurities.

The other thing you need is pH up, down, and a testing mechanism. We present you with our favorites, as they are trustworthy and simple to use. You need to make sure that, throughout the entire life of your plants, your pH is exactly where it needs to be.

Step 5) Add cloning collars

The final step in building your plant cloning kit is adding additional collars. These will come in handy as your collars wear out, as you will only have so many to start with. They won't last forever, and it makes sense to grab these now while you're here!

If you want to learn more about plant cloning, visit our blog! If you don't see the system you want here, you can also shop all cloning machines and propagation supplies here.

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