Plant Cloning Kits

If you are planning cloning a mother plant, you are probably doing so because you understand the time saving benefits of this propagation method. You may also know how much easier cloning is than trying to germinate seeds. If this is the case, you are probably interested in a complete plant cloning kit.

What is plant cloning?

Cloning a plant sounds rather ominous, but its actually a very simple process. You may have a plant is growing so well, you want more plants just like it. Cloning a plant allows you to copy the genetic makeup of your mother plant.

Cloning consists of cutting a shoot off the mother plant, and replanting it and allowing it to root and form a brand new plant.

What are the advantages of plant cloning?

One of the main benefits of cloning a mother plant is the ability to copy her exact genetic makeup. If you have a plant that has grown faster, stronger, and bigger than the rest, and has resisted plants and disease, you may want to clone it. You can cut clones off this plant for months, and create a garden with only those genetics.

Cloning is also the easiest method of propagation. Instead of starting seeds, and risking low germination rates, you can cut stalks off your favorite mother plant and skip the hard parts!

Cloning also deceases the time to harvest by skipping the germination process.

How does cloning a plant work?

Step one to cloning a plant is finding the mother plant you want to copy. She should be 2 months into veg, and you need to closely evaluate any issues you see, because these will be apparent in any clones you strip from her.

Once you are sure of the plant you want to take cuttings from, prepare your rooting solution. Cut off a shoot of growth 3-6" in length, dip it in the rooting gel, and place it in a neoprene sleeve or root cube. Then, you can place it inside your cloning system.

The cloning environment should be one with high temperature(75-80 degrees) and high humidity (75%).

Plant cloning kits

These complete plant cloning kits include everything you need to get your clones sprouting roots. There is no more efficient way to clone than with one of these systems. Included in each kit is:

These kits are aeroponic cloning systems, which are the most advanced cloning technology available today. If you are interested in other systems, we also carry hydroponic cloning machines, and economy aeroponic cloning machines.

Do all cloned plants have the same genetic makeup?

Any cutting you take from a mother plant will share the exact same genetic details, thus the name clone. This is why meticulously selecting a mother plant is so important. Cloning can be very powerful when you have exceptional plants. If you have plants prone to disease, pests, and stunted growth, this will translate over to the clone.

Want to learn more about propagating plants? Stop by our learning center and check out our definitive guide on how to clone a plant!

If you have any questions about starting your grow, give our experienced growing staff a call at 888-815-9763 and let us walk you through it!


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