Primordial Solutions True Blooms

Primordial Solutions True Blooms

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Primordial Solutions Product Documents

Primordial Solutions True Bloom MSDS

Primordial Solutions True Blooms Helps plants reach their full potential during the bloom / reproductive stage.

True Blooms is a kelp concentrate, but processed via our proprietary microbial means to concentrate natural flower promoting nutrients. We suggest spraying True Blooms during early flower, and then spraying Terp Gerp in mid to late flower while continuing to water in True Blooms during those stages. True Blooms is filled with high quality nutrients that will help you take your flowering game to the next level. Abundant flower sites are the foundation of bountiful harvests. True Blooms supports the transition into flowering and accelerates flower growth. Yield more ahead of schedule!

Primordial Solutions True Blooms Features:

  • Provides a tremendous energy boost in plants
  • Encourages and induces flowering
  • Increases total flower set
  • Releases nutrients essential to flowering
  • Discourages pathogens (mildew and mold) on leaves and fruit
  • Increases CO2 absorption
  • Activates the plant’s own innate self-defense mechanisms
  • Resistant to insects and fungus
  • Reduces residual plant matter
  • Improves flavor
  • Lengthens shelf life
  • Safe for human exposure

Derived from :
Fish Protein Hydrolysate, Phosphoric Acid, Potassium Hydroxide

Primordial Solutions True Blooms Application Rate:

Foliar- 2mL/gal without any other foliar feed products (wetting agents ok). Coat the surface and underside of each leaf and stem. Begin foliar application one (1) week prior to flowering. Apply up to two (2) times per week throughout flowering. Continue application until one(1) week before harvest. You may switch to 2mL/gal soil drench application at any point in flowering if desired.

For Soil Well Amended with Minerals and Organic Matter
Use any brand Cal/Mag as directed throughout vegetative growth and week 1 of flower.

Add supplemental organic nitrogen as needed in mid/late veg through early flower (e.g. top dress a high nitrogen amendment [like fish meal or bat guano] or water in 5-1-1 fish hydrolysate).

Follow This Simple Feed Chart Designed by our Research Team

Veg Flower Week 1Flower Week 2Flower Week 3Flower Week 4Flower Week 5Flower Week 6Flower Week 7Flower Week 8
5 mL/L1 mL/L1 mL/L1 mL/L1 mL/L1 mL/L

Note: Rate above is given in mL/Gal Drench

Product Q&A

Primordial Solutions True Blooms Questions & Answers

Q: What is True Blooms and how does it work?
A: True Blooms is a uniquely processed kelp extract. It harnesses the natural flower promoting properties of kelp and concentrates them using our proprietary biological processing techniques.

Q: How should I apply True Blooms?
A: We recommend applying True Blooms in a foliar spray, but you can water it in if you prefer.

Q: What is the application rate of True Blooms?
A: If watered in use 5 ml/gal for the first week of flower and then switch to 1 ml/gal from week 2 through week 6. If used as a foliar spray use 1 ml/gal for the first week of flower and then switch to 2 ml/gal from week 2 through week 7.

Q: During what stage of the growing cycle should I use True Blooms?

A: You can use True Blooms up to week 7 of flower depending on if you water in or spray as a foliar. See the question above for details.

Q: Can True Blooms and Terp Gerp be used together?
A: Yes. If you’re going to spray one or the other, Terp Gerp is the better choice, with TrueBlooms watered in. It is mostly a factor of things being not just effective, but cost effective. Terp Gerp is very effective sprayed all throughout flower and even watered in, but it wouldn’t be cost effective do so. For this reason, we suggest spraying True Blooms during early flower, and then spraying Terp Gerp in mid to late flower while continuing to water in TrueBlooms during those stages.


Primordial Solutions True Blooms Reviews

Great addition to my regiment
A+ results

How do I like this product?
I think True Bloom is a good product for organic. Still using it thru a full run to determine what I really think.

1st time using, so far so good
This is my 1st time using this as a foliat feed, I am still in the middle of the grow, but this seems easy enough as a supplement.

Seems to have added some vigor so far to my plant I am using it on versus plants without.

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