Cultured Solutions Coco Cal

Cultured Solutions Coco Cal


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Cultured Solutions Nutrient Feedling Schedule

Cultured Solutions COCO CAL is a concentrated blend of readily available Calcium and Magnesium. It is formulated to assist fast growing plants by preventing secondary nutrient deficiencies. COCO CAL helps optimize plant nutrition and enhances plant growth and development. It is designed for rapidly growing plants in all growth and bloom phases.

Cultured Solutions was formulated specifically for high performance water culture applications such as our Under Current, so as to maximize production and yields while minimizing the waste and excess often associated with hydroponics cultivation. Our well balanced, extremely concentrated mineral nutrient enables plants to thrive at relatively low concentrations, while maintaining unparalleled performance and quality.

Cultured Solutions potent formulation provides US growers with a premium plant nutrient without incurring the large carbon footprint associated with importing foreign nutrient lines. With high quality mineral inputs, pure Sierra Nevada water and exceptional chemistry, Current Culture H2O has created a Premium Plant Nutrient. It's our innovation, horticultural expertise and commitment to excellence that's enabled us to formulate and blend the best nutrient line in the world...right here in California!

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Typical Dosage:

Add 0.5-5mL of CULTURED SOLUTIONS COCO CAL per gallon (0.1-1.3mL/Liter) of purified water, depending on plant phase.

For Best Results:

  • This product should be used with the full Cultured Solutions line as part of a complete fertilizer program.
  • Use UC ROOTS throughout the growth cycle to ensure optimal nutrient availability.
  • Use a conductivity or ppm meter to monitor water quality and control nutrient strength.
  • Reduce nutrient strength if plants show signs of stress, or if growing in very bright, hot, or dry environments.
  • Maintain nutrient pH between 5.5 and 6.5. Adjustment may be necessary since water quality and pH may vary regionally and seasonally.


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Cultured Solutions Coco Cal Questions & Answers

  • WHAT KIND OF CROPS IS CULTURED SOLUTIONS BEST SUITED FOR? Ones that grow in our systems. We have a broad range of growers across multiple countries who use different growing methods using our nutrients and Roots products. The products were developed by a team from UC Davis to work with any growing system and any plant.

  • WHAT MAKES CULTURED SOLUTIONS SO PH STABLE? As we only add ingredients that a plant can use we are able to maintain the pH across the normal growing cycle of a plant. Cultured Solutions element ratios were designed to have a plant growth specific pH range in hydroponics. Because of these scientifically formulated element ratios along with using only the highest grade ingredients, the pH of Cultured Solutions is highly stable.

  • WHY ARE THE USAGE RECOMMENDATIONS OF CULTURED SOLUTIONS SO MUCH LOWER THAN WITH OTHER BRANDS? Cultured Solutions is highly concentrated and in a form that is 100% available to your plants. Plants grown in water culture use nutrients more efficiently because they are not competing with organisms in a soil/soilless based system.

  • WHAT IS THE SHELF LIFE OF CULTURED SOLUTION? When stored in a cool, dark environment: 9-12 months.

  • CAN I USE CULTURED SOLUTIONS FOR MY SEEDLINGS AND CUTTINGS? Yes, but you should use a reduced rate of .5mL-2mL per gallon to protect young plants. Seedlings should not be fertilized until the first true leaves emerge.

  • IS A CALCIUM/MAGNESIUM SUPPLEMENT NECESSARY WITH CULTURED SOLUTIONS? Cultured Solutions is formulated so that when used with tap water (100-150 ppm) it does not necessitate the use of additives such as CalMag. When tap water is in excess of 250 ppm we recommend the use of a reverse osmosis filter. When using reverse osmosis water add CalMag @ 0.5-1 ml/gal to ensure an appropriate ratio of Ca to Mg is achieved before adding in Cultured Solutions.

  • I KNOW CS IS MADE SPECIFICALLY FOR WATER CULTURE AND HIGH PERFORMANCE HYDROPONICS, DOES IT WORK WELL IN SOIL OR OTHER GROW MEDIA? Cultured Solutions works great in soil and other media. However, different fertilization strategies must be implemented to achieve optimum results. For soil applications: Add 2-10mL of Cultured Solutions Veg/Bloom per gallon to low ppm water (0-200ppm). For best results follow a water, water, feed cycle to avoid building up excessive mineral deposits. For Rockwool/Soilless applications: Add 2-10mL of Cultured Solutions Veg/Bloom per gallon to low ppm water (0-200ppm), leach weekly to avoid mineral build up.

  • IS A SILICA PRODUCT NECESSARY WITH CULTURED SOLUTIONS? Silica is excluded from the main formulations of Cultured Solutions because of its high pH demand to remain in soluble form for plant absorption. Silica is a beneficial plant nutrient that can have positive effects including increased weights of fruits, increased nutritional composition and
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