NanoLux 315 Watt CMH Grow Light Fixture

NanoLux 315 Watt CMH Grow Light Fixture

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The hottest technology in energy efficient HID lighting is now available from NanoLux Technology

Ceramic Metal Halide or CMH for short (some refer to it as CDM), is becoming more popular in the horticultural industry. The CMH lamps have a very broad light spectrum which is more similar to the sun itself than any other form of HID lamp. We have taken CMH technology and increased its operational efficiency, making the most comprehensive spectrum of light output for an HID fixture even better. The CMH lamps also have increased efficiency in PAR/Watt compared to other forms of HID lighting.

The CMH fixture can be used as a primary veg light, a primary light for SOG applications, or a supplemental full spectrum light for large flowering operations.

Fully sealed, low-frequency ballast is side-mounted. The CMH 315 single lamp fixture's vertical lamp mounting position provides an even light footprint. Meets ETL Standards and uses 97% German reflective material. Both Nanolux CMH fixtures can be used with any 315W 3K or 4K horticultural lamp from all the leading quality brands.

Available options

  • 315 Watt Fixture w/ No Lamp - 120/240 Volt
  • 315 Watt Fixture w/ 3,100K Lamp - 120/240 Volt
  • 315 Watt Fixture w/ 4,200K Lamp - 120/240 Volt
  • 315 Watt Fixture w/ No Lamp - 277 Volt
  • 315 Watt Fixture w/ 3,100K Lamp - 277 Volt
  • 315 Watt Fixture w/ 4,200K Lamp - 277 Volt

*Lamps are NanoLux MaxPar 315 Watt CMH Lamps


  • ETL Listed.
  • Fully sealed commercial designed ballast
  • Uses 315W PGZX18 base CMH lamps
  • NCCS Ready

NanoLux MaxPar 315 Watt CMH Lamps

The Nanolux MaxPar ceramic metal halide lamps are broad spectrum "white" light lamps. MH lamps are predominantly blue spectrum focused and HPS lamps are predominantly red/yellow focused. CMH lamp technology is broad-spectrum based so a CMH lamp has 2.5 times the blue light of an HPS lamp. The 13.4% blue light from CMH lamps is slightly higher than a 50/50 mix of HPS and MH lamps. A CMH lamp has a far more uniform spectral output than any other lamp used in horticultural lighting.

MaxPar offers color temperatures in both 3K (3100K) and 4K (4200K) models. CMH lamps are suitable for cloning, flowering, and vegetative growth. MaxPar CMH lamps should be considered a valuable component in any lighting setup.

  • OPEN Fixture rated
  • 1.9 umol/s
  • 33,000 lumens (105lm/w)
  • 92CRI
  • 87% PPF maintenance at 20,000 hours
  • Low power consumption
NanoLux MaxPar 3,100K spectrum

CMH 3,100K Spectrum

NanoLux MaxPar 4,200K spectrum

CMH 4,200K Spectrum

NanoLux NCCS APP Data Transfer Unit

The Nanolux cloud control system was designed and engineered to provide a complete solution for the control of the lighting and environmental controls of a grow room. The NCCS system allows for precision control of all devices in a grow room through its simple and intuitive software.

At the heart of the NCCS is a software program that allows you to specify all of the parameters of your lighting and environmental control settings in your room. The program is then downloaded from your computer to the Data Transfer Unit (DTU). The DTU is the brain of the system and communicates and controls all of the selected functions in the grow room through wireless modem communication. The DTU controls lighting ballasts and environmental control devices by communicating with individual RTU (remote terminal unit) USB devices.

NanoLux NCCS App Data

The NCCS system currently allows for precision control of your lighting system with dimming, multiple lighting areas, high-temperature dimming features along with fan control. The NCCS will be adding C02 functions, humidity and temperature control, pH and nutrient control, pump control, and remote camera features in the near future.

NanoLux 315 Watt Technical Specs

  • Output Power: 315W
  • Input Voltage: 120-240, 277
  • Input Current: 2.8-1.4A/1.2A
  • Bulb: Single Ended CMH
  • Dimming Settings: None
  • Input Frequency: 50/60
  • Power Factor: > 0.99
  • THDI:
  • CF:
  • Weight: 5.9lbs
  • Size: 16.5" x 16.5" x 12.6"

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