NanoLux grow lights and lighting controllers are innovating the indoor growing industry, by constantly evolving. The main focus at NanoLux is constantly increasing efficiency, while decreasing size of their fixtures.

Why Shop NanoLux Grow Lighting?

The Nanolux Technology team brings over 40 years of experience in the horticultural and hydroponic industries to the table. They are a forerunner of innovation and have received more patents than any other ballast brand on the market.

Nanolux Technology is continually advancing the industry, surpassing the status quo with new designs that are not only more efficient but also smaller in size. For example, the Nanolux uses cutting edge circuit board technology which allows us to produce digital ballasts at half the size of traditional models and at a quarter of the weight.

NanoLux Grow Light Fixtures

NanoLux produces Double Ended Fixtures and CMH Fixtures. These high quality grow light fixtures come with the lamp, ballast, and reflector. What really sets these lights apart from typical grow lights is the features.

These can be paired with the NCCS smart ballast technology, and have multiple dimming capabilities. These grow lights also come with a three year warranty, and a lower failure rate than the industry average.

We also carry NanoLux MaxPar Lamps, which are their bulbs. It should be mentioned, however, that many other bulbs are compatible with NanoLux fixtures.

NanoLux NCCS

What really sets NanoLux apart from other grow lighting brands is the automation they allow. Their NCCS system allows for precision control of all devices in your grow room with a simple smart phone app.

When using the Nanolux NCCS APP Data Transfer Unit paired with the NCCS Remote Terminal Unit, you can control up to 999 devices completely remotely and wireless.

Some NanoLux Fixtures Are Sold in Case Quantities Only. Please Refer Each Product For Specific Case Quantities.

Not sure which grow lights are best for you and your growing space? Check out our guide on choosing your grow lights in our blog.

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NanoLux Grow Tent Kits

We have outfitted a portion of our grow tent kits with NanoLux grow lighting. These tent packages include everything needed to start growing indoors, and are the best way to cultivate plants without making a mess in your home or growing space.

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