630 Watt CMH & LEC Bulbs

If you use 630w Ceramic metal halide (CMH) grow lights, you'll eventually need a replacement 630 watt CMH bulb.

Which 630 watt CMH bulb is right for me?

CMH is a full spectrum lighting technology, so you don't need to overthink which bulb you use. If you are using it for specifically veg, you'll want a high color temp (kelvin rating), somewhere around 4,000-4,200K. If you are just using it for flower, consider a lower kelvin rating, somewhere between 3,000-3200K.

Looking for a different wattage? You can shop all CMH bulbs, as we have them ranging from 315-1000w.

If you need help choosing a bulb or want special pricing on a bulk order, reach out to our experts and we can help you out!


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