Espoma Earth-tone Insect Control Ready-to-Use, 24 oz. is no longer available

Espoma Earth-tone Insect Control Ready-to-Use, 24 oz. is no longer available

SKU #: EP9040

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Availability: Discontinued

This product is no longer available, but we have so much more to show you!

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Earth-tone Insect Control is a fast-acting insecticide for use on roses, flowers, fruits and vegetables, indoors and outdoors!

Fast acting insecticide for use on roses, flowers, fruits and vegetables - indoors and outdoors. Can be used up to the day and including the day of harvest. Kills adult, larvae and egg stages of insects.

EPA Reg. No. for Concentrate is: 67702-5-83598

Tech Specs


Weight (lb.)1.5
Width (in.)4.25
Prop 65No
Height (in.)11.25
Length (in.)2.25
Lead TimeDue to social distancing requirements, this product ships in 2 weeks
Bug TypeAphids, General Insecticide, Spider Mites, Whiteflies
Application TypeLiquid
Product TypeInsecticide
OMRI CertifiedNo
Usage AreaIndoor & Outdoor
Concentration RatioReady To Use
Ingredient BaseOrganic Based
Product Q&A

Espoma Earth-tone Insect Control Ready-to-Use, 24 oz. Questions & Answers

Should I water my plants after I feed with one of your "tone" products?

Yes. Water your plants thoroughly after each application. When feeding lawns, it’s best to apply just before it rains.

I noticed a white, fuzzy mold after applying this product. What is it and will it harm my plants?

Espoma Tone plant foods are blends of natural & organic ingredients. When these materials break down under certain conditions, the result can be a mold-like growth on the soil surface. The growth is harmless and is evidence of the organics beginning the process of nutrient release. Simply turn it over with a shovel or fork if you find this growth unsightly.

Are Espoma Tone products safe for use in areas where children & pets play?

Espoma does not handle any material deemed hazardous or toxic by the US EPA. While these products are safe to use in areas where children and pets play, one must always be alert for possible allergic reactions. In that case, wash off any material from the person or animal and remove them from the proximity. Consult a doctor or veterinarian if needed.

Is it OK if your tone plant food gets on plant leaves?

Plant food should not be allowed to stay on plant foliage. If this occurs simply water to rinse the material from the foliage into the soil or brush it away with a broom.

Will over applying hurt my plants?

The manufacturer recommends that users always follow the recommended rates of application on each bag. However, as the tones are all blends of all natural and organic ingredients there is a wide margin of error built in. This is due to the slow release and low salt content of these ingredients. If you feel you have over applied, water the plants thoroughly.