Dutch Master Gold Silica

Dutch Master Gold Silica


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Silicon is a very important nutrient to plants and a vital element of epidermal cell walls. It strengthens plants so they can resist the ravishes of insects, drought, disease, heat and stresses. Dutch Master Gold Range SILICA substantially strengthens a plants ability to transport nutrients and other elements in the roots and internal plant cells. It will help increase cell wall stability, speed up root cell replication, build stronger and more extensive root systems, increase nutrient absorption and resist stress and drought as well as enhance the plants ability to resist insects and pathogens. Gold Range SILICA is a balancing and buffering substance that also helps your plants to deal with potentially toxic levels of minerals, salts and pollutants. It will help to give your plants a stronger, larger, more vigorous living infrastructure.

  • Use From Beginning Of Grow To The End Of Flower
  • Gold Range SILICA Works With All Nutrients, In All Systems And All Mediums!
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