Delux Premium Double Ended High Pressure Sodium Grow Bulb, 1,000 Watts - 2,000 K is no longer available

Delux Premium Double Ended High Pressure Sodium Grow Bulb, 1,000 Watts - 2,000 K is no longer available

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Increase Quality & Yield With Newest Advances In Indoor Grow Light Technology!

Double ended lights are the future of HID lighting. New technology has allowed the double ended (DE) lights to produce more blues and reds in the PAR spectrum, which means that your plants are receiving light that is closer to actual sunlight. Another benefit of using the Delux Premium Double Ended Grow Bulb is that your plants will receive more light than a traditional single ended (Mogul) HPS bulb, all while using the same amount power.

Performance Specifications:

  • 1000 Watts
  • Color Temp (K): 2,000
  • Color Rendering Index (CRI): 21
  • Bulb Lumens: 151,000
  • Estimated Life Hours: 20,000

Delux Double Ended Lighting Technology:

  • Great lumen output for high PAR values.
  • Higher red spectral ratio enhancing flowering & growth.
  • Instead of being vacuumed it is gas filled which allows for a smaller arc tube improving optical control.
  • Specially engineered to be used with high frequency electronic/digital ballasts.
  • The absence of the frame wire eliminates any shadows in the beam.
  • For horizontal burning only.

Why Choose Double Ended Bulbs Over Traditional Single Ended Bulbs?

  • Longer Life - Double ended bulbs degrade slower than traditional single ended bulbs. Even after 10,000 hours of use, double ended lamps continue to output approximately 90% of their original intensity. No more changing your bulbs every year.
  • More PAR Output & Light Intensity - Double ended bulbs are more stable than traditional single ended bulbs, allowing them to have a 10% increase of light intensity and PAR output. Double ended bulbs also emit more UV & IR light than traditional single ended bulbs, resulting in increased potency and essential oils in oil producing plants.
  • Increased Yields - Research shows that using double ended HPS lights are increasing yields from 20% - 50% compared to single ended (Mogul) bulbs.
  • Even light Spread - Since DE bulbs are held in place by both ends it eliminates "sagging" of the bulb, unlike traditional SE bulbs that are held in place on one end which can cause them to sag, therefore throwing off the overall light spread, changing the reflector footprint and causing uneven plant growth.

**The jacket of this double ended lamp is made from quartz glass. Do not handle with bare hands. Oil from your hands can damage the lamp.**

Tech Specs


Weight (lb.)1
Prop 65No
Length (in.)20
Width (in.)5
Height (in.)5
Warranty1 Year
UL ListedNo
Lighting TypeHPS/MH - Double Ended
Base TypeDouble Ended (K12x30S)
Bulb OrientationHorizontal
Bulb TypeDouble Ended High Pressure Sodium
Color Temp (Kelvin)2000 K
Color Rendering Index (CRI)21
Bulb Lumens151,000
Estimated Life Hours20,000
Exact Watts1000 Watts

Delux Premium Double Ended High Pressure Sodium Grow Bulb, 1,000 Watts - 2,000 K Reviews

Good mainstream choice
PAR values similar to solis tek but not as good as Gavita or Ushio. However, when considering the price, this is an excellent buy.

Great deal and great light bulb. Used in my epaps and now getting better yields.

Excellent choice for commercial
we run a 68 light warehouse in humboldt county and needed to replace our old philips de bulbs. after testing the delux we decided to use them in our grow room and have seen the same results as the philips bulb, for half the cost. the investor is happy and so are the plants.