Co2Boost Boost Buddy, 5 lbs. is no longer available

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Co2Boost Boost Buddy, 5 lbs. is no longer available


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Availability: Discontinued

This product is no longer available, but we have so much more to show you!

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A perfect Co2 implementation system for beginning growers in very small spaces.

This Co2 bag weighs in at five pounds and features a patented Tyvek breathe strip that is nine times the size of any other available bag on the market. The Boost Buddy also now comes in a retailer friendly all-white bag.

Simply place the bag inside your growing area and watch as the health and weight of your plants starts increasing by the day. A perfect Co2 implementation system for beginning growers in very small spaces.

Tech Specs


Weight (lb.)5
Lead TimeShips in 1-2 Days
Length (in.)6
Width (in.)6
Height (in.)6
Prop 65No
UL ListedNo
CO2 EnrichmentNatural CO2 Production
CO2 Coverage Area4' x 4' or Less
Product Q&A

Co2Boost Boost Buddy, 5 lbs. Questions & Answers

How large of a room does it work for?

Co2Boost isn’t made or built to sustain ppms (parts per million) in larger rooms. Co2Boost IS made to distribute all-natural Co2 directly to your indoor garden. Through extensive testing Co2Boost has found that DIRECT co2 distribution is extremely beneficial to plant growth and health.

Therefore our product is unique in the fact that it doesn’t work by raising ppm levels, it works by distributing Co2 directly to your plants. So to answer your question, Co2Boost is made for any room size, because we work on a “plant-by-plant” basis as opposed to measuring ppm levels.

How much Co2 is coming out of the bucket?

2000 cc’s per minute of 1000-2000 ppms. Co2Boost is not meant to be measured in ppms, it’s meant to be distributed directly to your plants and measured by the improved health and quality of your garden.

What’s in the bucket and how does it work?

Co2Boost works from a combination of all-natural ingredients from the compost arena. Those ingredients are mixed and placed in the bucket where the Co2 is then naturally created. The pump is inserted into the bucket and all-natural Co2 is released to your plants.

How long does it last?

Co2Boost products lasts at least 60 days if used constantly. If you coordinate Co2Boost Bucket with a timer to coincide with your lights on/lights off phase, it will last you 75-90 days. We suggest one bucket per growing cycle to be safe.

Can I use the bucket temporarily and then store it for later use?

No, once the bucket is activated it has a maximum life of 90 days, after that we suggest purchasing a fresh bucket.

Does it smell?

No, even though it’s a 100% organic product it is completely odorless.

Can too much Co2 be harmful to my plants or pets?

The answer is yes, but Co2Boot products do not produce enough Co2 to be harmful in any reasonable sized growing areas. However, if you are growing in an area as small as a 2x2x2, make sure to put the bucket on a timer to minimize your Co2 output.

Are there any other ingredients or dangerous gases contained in the bucket?

No, Co2Boost's ingredients are 100% all-natural and harmless. As a matter of fact once your bucket has expired you can open the bucket and use the remaining ingredients as high grade fertilizer!