TrimWorkz Ultimate Bud Bucker Machine

TrimWorkz Ultimate Bud Bucker Machine


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Buck Fast With The TrimWorkz Bucking Machine

90% of the gardens we visit today can take down and hang wet product faster than they can buck down cured colas into trimmable flower. If your drying room suffers from this kind of painfully slow change over time, then you need to do something about it.

At Trimworkz, we decided to fix this problem by making a bucking machine capable of producing over 3X the rate of trimmable flowers per hour than any other method. Better yet, our proprietary feed plate is designed to not damage your flowers.

The feed plates have 15 holes each of various sizes to suite whatever sized stalk you may be feeding at the moment. The various sized holes ensure the optimum cut and the least damage to the flower. We also use a proprietary extended tube design that extends the cutting surface out away from the feed plate, to keep flowers from packing up against the plate and getting crushed. The feed plates are made from stainless steel and easily removed and cleaned without tools.

Differences between TrimWorkz Ultimate Bud Bucker and TrimWorkz Ultimate Bud Bucker XL:

  • TrimWorkz Ultimate Bud Bucker: Single Work Station with Feed plate with 15 Various Sizes
  • TrimWorkz Ultimate Bud Bucker XL: Dual Work Station with (2) Feed plate with 15 Various Sizes

  • The TrimWorkz Bucker is true industrial quality in a small package

    TrimWorkz built the Ultimate Bud Bucker to the same high quality and standards as the double-sized XL unit, because no one wants to be let down halfway through their season by a worn out machine!

    Their secret to long machine life lies in our combination of industrial grade components and extra-large, twin drive rollers, which are coated in the best rubber materials available.

    They've also worked hard to eliminate down time for you, and your crew, so you don’t have to. Maximum productivty and profitability, 100% of the time.

    Munch Machine Mother Bucker Outdoor wheels

    Munch Machine Mother Bucker Outdoor wheels

    The TrimWorkz Bucker is easy on your flowers

    The convex formed multi-nozzle face plate means the Ultimate Bud Bucker won’t smash or blow apart flowers like others can.

    And when it comes to dry bucking, the variable speed dial allows for slow, gentle removal of even your most delicate material.

    No matter what your method or plant strain, we have you covered.

    We were the first to pioneer this combined face plate and roller speed technology and now you can take advantage as well.

    Note: * A special order can be made to request holes larger than 1/2"

    TrimWorkz Bucker Features

    • Quickly and gently removes flowers from cola stems prior to final trimming or processing.
    • One person easily replaces three to five people working by hand
    • Can be used by more than one person at a time for high speed production
    • Variable speed motor for wet or dry use
    • Our proprietary extended tube feed plate won't damage your flower
    • Very quiet in operation with minimal power draw
    • 4' wide rollers with abrasion resistant rubber compound for long life

    Note: The rollers are variable speed to suite whatever strain or consistency of flower you may be bucking. The rollers can also be run in reverse to clear a stuck stalk from the feed plate. Forward roller RPM is 36.8 revolutions per minute, for a linear feed rate of 62 feet per minute.

    TrimWorks Bucker Specifications:

    • Max Power consumption: 110-115 Volt, 15 Amps
    • Variable Roller RPM: 0-50 RPM

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