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Phantom, a Hydrofarm brand, manufactures high quality ballasts and reflectors, and has begun to set their targets on other parts of the grow lighting industry. These days, Phantom also provides HID and CMH grow lights to accompany their flagship ballasts.

Why shop Phantom grow lighting?

Phantom represents the best available for indoor grow lighting. Aware that some customers still prefer traditional single ended lights, they continue to manufacture these in tandem with their double ended counterparts.

Phantom Ballasts

The Phantom ballast offers the only vertical operation in the industry, saving space, while packing the punch of the most effective power-factor on the market, a high .98 out of 1.

It operates below the radar, with complete silence and low energy use, making it almost fade into the background and letting your plants take center stage.

Find a Phantom that fits your needs with 250, 400, 600, 750, and 1000 watt options available. All Phantoms feature a microprocessor, cooling fins, handle, rubber feet, optional positioning, dual resettable breakers, five year warranty, and a Lock & Seal universal reflector adapter. Several versions of the Phantom also offer LED-indicator dimming.

Phantom Reflectors

Phantom has designed reflective hoods to accompany their ballasts. For example, the Phantom 315W CMH reflector is specially designed to be used with the Phantom 315W digital ballast.

Built with premium European aluminum, these reflectors come in CMH, DE, or SE types. Protective mesh flange screens are included to aid active/passive cooling. By using a Phantom Reflector, you will increase both efficiency and lamp life, since these operate at a more balanced light spread.

Phantom Grow Light Fixtures

Want to combine a Phantom ballast, reflector, and bulb? A complete Phantom grow light fixture makes this simple. Instead of mixing and matching pieces, a double ended HID fixture or CMH grow light kit will include everything needed to start cultivating plants.

Phantom Grow Tent Kits

Want to make indoor growing easier, while containing the mess of your garden in one easy-to-clean space? You need a grow tent! Here at Hydrobuilder, we carry grow tent kits featuring a Phantom lighting system. If you want to explore other lighting options for your tent, view all our grow tent kits here.

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