Hurricane fans help you control your grow room environment, keeping temperature and humidity levels low. They also help circulate air within the growing space, providing plants with a constant breeze and evenly distributing CO2 around the growing space.

Whether you need an inline fan for your ventilation system, or a clip on fan to circulate air in your grow tent, shop Hydrobuilder for the best prices on Hurricane Fans!

What types of fans does Hurricane make?

In the grow room, there are a number of different fans you can use, each having its own benefits. At their core, grow room fans can be broken down into circulation fans and inline fans.

All Hurricane fans come with a 1-5 year warranty, and are adjustable in either speed, direction, or both.

Hurricane Circulation Fans

Hurricane produces a variety of oscillating fans, which help circulate air in your growing space. This is important, as stagnant air is detrimental to plant health. Putting a breeze on your plants make them "dance", which strengthens stems.

Hurricane wall mount fans are great for those that have lots of space, such as a large grow room or commercial warehouse. If you don't want to mount anything on your walls, worry not. Hurricane also manufactures floor and pedestal fans.

If you are growing in a tent, you are going to be tight on floor space, and will be unable to mount a heavy fan on your ceiling or walls. In this case, your best best is a clip on fan. These are small, lightweight and clip onto a number of surfaces. Depending on how many plants you have, use a couple of these.

Hurricane Inline and Axial Fans

While circulating air is a great start, you also need to constantly introduce air into your growing space. This is where a ventilation system comes into play. Hurricane Inline Fans will sit in your ducting and intake and exhaust air as necessary.

If you are using an air-cooled reflector, you can also use an inline fan to remove the heat built up within the hood.

An alternative to traditional inline fans is an axial fan, which is another great option for where ventilation or air movement is required

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Want to learn more about controlling your environment? Check out our guide on environment and atmospheric conditions, and then read our blog on ventilation setup tips to help size your fans properly!


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