Under Current Double Barrel Systems

Current Culture is a premier hydroponic systems and components brand, and an industry leader. Their Under Current line of hydro systems is prized for being one of the most reliable, easy to use systems.

The Under Current Double Barrel System

The Under Current Double Barrel System is perfect for growers looking to take their hydroponic garden to the next level. The Double Barrel line separates growth modules out into two sections, giving you an aisle between the two.

These systems can be customized with different module sizes, lid options, and plant spacing. Make your system your own!

The Under Current Double Barrel System uses Sub-Current Culture. This is Current Cultures patented technology, and uses negative water pressure to recirculate an aerated hydroponic nutrient solution to the roots of your plant.

Sub-Current Culture ensures pH and EC levels remain uniform throughout the system.

Here at Hydrobuilder, we carry the:

The number denotes how many growth modules the system includes

We recommend using the Cultured Solutions line of hydroponic nutrients with your Under Current system.

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