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Air Diffusion vs Air Stones for Hydroponics

A quick look at the difference between Air Stones and Air Diffusion Rings for use in hydroponic systems and reservoirs.

Air Diffusion vs Air Stones for Hydroponics


Air Diffusion vs Air Stones For Hydroponics

Both air diffusion and air stones are used to inject oxygen into your hydroponic solution. Dissolved oxygen is what allows hydroponic gardens to allow plant roots to remain fully immersed in water without becoming oxygen starved. There are a few minor differences between the two methods of air injection.

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Air Stones

  • Produce smaller bubbles allowing for faster and easier transfer of oxygen into solution
  • Are more prone to clogging with root mass or particulates.


Air Diffusers

  • Creates less back pressure on pumps than traditional air stones do.
  • Can be taken apart and cleaned. Current Culture recommends that they be discarded between grows.
  • Are lighter and more flexible.