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Grow Tent Buying Guide

There are many tent options available on Hydrobuilder.com and each offers unique benefits that can help you achieve your goals. Some factors that differ between the various types are: size, height, thickness, multi-chamber and weight limit.

Grow Tent Buying Guide

Size Matters:

Be sure to carefully measure the length, width and height of the space you intend to setup the grow tent in. The tent should be slightly smaller than the space to allow for easy setup and maintenance.

You will also need to consider what your gardening goals are, and what size tent will allow you to achieve them. Here is a quick guide of our most popular sizes:


Top Grow Tent Brands



Gorilla Grow Tent Height


The height of the tent can dictate what lighting and growing system you can use. You want to ensure that the light and plants fit comfortably in your tent, and that the recommended distance the light should be installed from the plant canopy can be achieved all the way through the growth stages. The standard tent height is about 7’ and will fit in most residential 8’ ceilings well. Gorilla Grow Tents, a popular brand of tents, offer extension kits that provide various levels of extension and can be “stacked” as needed. Gorilla also offers the “Shorty Line” which is great for closets and smaller spaces, with a extendable height of 4’ 11”.


Secret Jardin Lodge

Multiple Chambers vs Multiple Tents:

We also offer tents that provide a separate spaces for the vegetative and flowering stages of growth in the same tent. For those wanting to keep a perpetually harvesting garden where there are always plants growing and blooming, these tents are great options. The alternative would be to have two separate grow tents for each stage of growth.



Reflective Canvas Thickness:

What makes the thickness of the tent canvas important? The greater the thread count, the stronger it is. Durability can be important factor for long-term use, especially if the tent will be moved often where accidental scuffs, punctures and tears could occur. All grow tents are light-proof, but those made with thicker material will resist wear and be slightly more insulated for heat and noise.


Weight Limit:

Grow tent frames are typically constructed of snap-together steel tubing with various materials used for corners and connection pieces. Those with all steel corners (like Hydrobuilder’s tents) will be able to hold more weight from the top support poles allowing you to hang lights, fans and filters with confidence. Be sure to check the weight rating of the tent to ensure it can properly hold all of the equipment you intend to use. If needed, additional support methods can be used if you are over the weight limit.


Ducting Package

Ducting Ports, Cord Ports and Windows

All grow tents will have a number of different sized ports through which you can run ventilation ducting and electrical cords. The best tents will offer dual-cinching ports that allow you to completely block out any light coming through the port to ensure a light-proof tent. Some tents also offer various windows and other mesh vents which can be useful for most gardeners. Be sure to review the placement and size of the ports in each tent to ensure your equipment can be properly installed in the arrangement you have in mind.


Tent vs. Cabinet:

Many indoor gardeners have considered the option of purchasing a tent against a more solid and “stealthy” cabinet. Many grow cabinets are available that look just like a traditional storage or file cabinets and as a result are much less conspicuous. If discretion is an absolute requirement, it’s hard to beat a cleverly designed cabinet. However, most gardeners will benefit much more from the additional growth space offered by a grow tent and can find alternative ways of keeping the grow operation discrete. We highly recommend grow tents over cabinets whenever possible as most growers will be happier with the potential yields.


Hydrobuilder Grow Tents

Hydrobuilder offers a complete line of grow tents, from 2' x 2' up to 10' x 10'. In addition to grow tents, Hydrobuilder also has complete tent packages to get you growing fast. Tent packages come with HID, LED, Fluorescent, or ceramic lights and are constructed of a strong, locking metal frame. Our tents also come with a complete ventilation and odor control package. Everything you need to get started without the hassle of trying to pick out all the components yourself. We've taken the work out of setting up. If you don't see what your looking for give us a call and we'll put together a custom package for whatever your needs are.


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