Dechlorinators and Sediment Water Filters

These filtration systems are used to remove harmful chlorine and solids from the water source that are able to pass through city water filtration systems. Conventional carbon filters used by most municipalities remove many harmful solids, but they are not well suited for completely removing all contaminates or chloramines.

Water filtration and treatment assures a pure water source for the nutrient solution.

Are Chlorine and Chloramine harmful to plants?

City municipalities use chlorine and chloramine as a way to kill bacteria in our water. The amounts these compounds are used in usually doesn't pose a risk to humans, but they can to plants and fish. Our plants do not have a way of breaking down chlorine, and it is easy to see chlorine toxicity in plants where water has not been filtered.

In regards to hydroponic systems, chlorine and chloramine build ups can result in clogs and damage to the parts.

This is why we use dechlorinator and sediment water filters.

How do you dechlorinate water for plants?

Dechlorinator and sediment filters are a water filtration method in which two steps are employed. The first step is to remove sediments by passing them through a filter, capturing larger particles. This keeps them from interfering with the second and final step, which is passing the water through a carbon filter.

Then, chlorine is removed from the water. It is important for growers to know what type of water they are using, and you can get this information from your municipality. If chloramines are present, a special KDF carbon filter is needed.

While sediment filters remove finer solids, they are not effective on pharmaceutical residue, pesticide runoff, or arsenic. In most cases these contaminates are present in such minute amounts or parts per million that they have a negligible effect on water quality.

However, to remove pharmaceutical or agricultural residues, a more sophisticated filtration system like reverse osmosis is the standard.

Why De-chlorinators and sediment filters are essential

These two-for-one products are a hydroponic growers best friend. By removing chlorine and chloramine in one step, and sediments in the next, we are left with pure water.

Pure water presents growers the opportunity to exhibit full control over what they feed their plants. Starting with a clean slate can present challenges too, however, by removing many of the minerals found in water that benefit plants. Fortunately, technology is evolving in a way that permits some of these helpful minerals and compounds to pass through!

City water treatment facilities are concerned only with acceptable contaminate levels for human consumption, not plants. As actual water sources become more contaminated with industrial expansion, municipalities rely on heavier chlorination and evolving standards for ppm of some contaminates.

While you may live in an area with less contamination in the water, most growers will benefit from filtering water, to ensure the water you irrigate with is exactly what you want your plants consuming.

Choosing the best De-chlorinator and sediment water filter

When selecting a water filtration device for your indoor hydroponic system, consider how many gallons you will need to filter a day. 1000-2000 GPD is plenty for hobby growers and even some commercial greenhouses, but the largest of operations will need to treat 2000+ GPD.

If you know your tap water contains excess chlorine and chloramines, be sure the dechlorinator you choose has a KDF carbon filter. This is a special membrane responsible for filtering out 95-99% of chlorine and chloramine.

For more information on these water treatment devices, and a list of some of our favorites, check out our full guide on water filter purchasing!

If you want to learn more about hydroponics, check out our learning center! If you are unsure which water filter is best for you, give our experienced growers a call today at 888-815-9763 and let us help you decide!


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