Trolmaster Legacy CO2 Generators with Built in Controller is no longer available

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Trolmaster Legacy CO2 Generators with Built in Controller is no longer available

$387.00 - $481.00

This product is no longer available, but we have so much more to show you!

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CO2 Generators have become the choice for many growers. The CG series of CO2 Generators all offer the same safety and features and are available in both Liquid Propane(LP) and Natural Gas(NG) configurations(High-altitude and low-altitude units are available). All the CG units feature solid state "instant-on" ignition, the flame sensor shuts down gas flow in the event of a flame-out or unsuccessful ignition. All the GENs feature TWO solenoids in-line(series) in order to ensure 100% gas shutoff. A tip-over sensor will also shut off all gas flow to the unit in the event the unit tips over or is tilted more than 30 degrees. With CO2 outputs ranging from 6 to 30 cubic feet per hour, there are multiple sizes available to fill every requirement for supplemental CO2.

Each set includes: a CO2 Generator, a 24 ACPower adapter, 2pcs of hanging chains, 2 pcs of ceiling hooks, and an appropriate hose and regulator.

Note: the 24VAC power adapter can be used to plug to the 120VAC power outlet directly or connect your CO2 Generator with a CO2 controller such as QCD-CL1, QCD-CL2, CDC-M3A with an additional 24VDC male to male cable.


Trolmaster Legacy CO2 Generators with Built in Controller Reviews

Have a grow room 3200cft with ambient levels of 400-500ppm. Only takes 6-7min to reach 1300ppm and can hold for a couple of hours without a booster of 1-2min when falling below 1200ppm. Heat generated is substantial-be sure to take precautions and have ample space around it. 350degree laser reading on inside of unit when operating.

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