Twister T4 Tumbler - Standard (1/4" Slots)

Twister T4 Tumbler - Standard (1/4" Slots)

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The Twister Tumbler.

Keep the beauty and profile of your flower.

These tumblers have a non-stick surface to reduce wall crawl and maintain a shorter tumble distance.

T4 Tumbler
T2 Front Side

Made to Last

Designed with top-tier materials and with you in mind to handle your product with care.

These tumblers are made of 304 stainless steel*. The six inch diameter reduces wall crawl, resulting in gentle and efficient flow of product through the tumbler.

*Never made with Teflon-based PFE-PTFE coatings

These Tumblers will speak for themselves in no time by providing high quality product the very first time.

What's The Difference Between The Standard And Narrow Tumblers?

In the past, Twister labeled their tumblers as "wet" and "dry". After three years of product testing and feedback, Twister has discovered the Wet (1/4") Tumbler works best on 'quality' wet and dry flower.

Because of this, we are now selling all trimmers with a 'Standard Tumbler' (1/4" slot). The 3/16" tumbler will now be referred to as the 'Narrow Tumbler' and is available as an add-on. The narrow tumbler is suggested when trimming very fragile flower.

The Twister Trimmer leaf collector saves your trim for use with extracts.


  • 40 slots (1/4") of stainless steel goodness, the T4 tumbler is the most advanced yet.
  • A smaller diameter means greater efficiency and less damage to the flowers. It's as simple as that.
  • The tumbler is the single most important component of any trimmer. If you don't get it right, nothing else matters. It's right.
Tumbler Inside

Can't find the Twister replacement part you're looking for? Don't worry, give us a call and we will happily help you find the right part.

Tech Specs


Weight (lb.)5
Prop 65No
Height (in.)30
Width (in.)8
Length (in.)8
Lead TimeThis product ships in 2 Business Days
UL ListedNo

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Twister T4 Tumbler - Standard (1/4" Slots) Reviews

Right tool for the job
We have been running our T4 twister for some time now and have been extremely happy with it. We are able to get through over 100 lbs of product in 4 days with only two people!! We have been using a standard tumbler. Once we shifted to this wet product trimmer we have saved some much time, but more importantly our potencies are all testing higher. The reason for this is that the larger slots in the barrell allow product to trim faster and quicker so we los less trichomes in the process!