The Green Sunshine Company Electric Sky ES180 V3 200 Watt Wideband LED Grow Light

The Green Sunshine Company Electric Sky ES180 V3 200 Watt Wideband LED Grow Light

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  • Coverage Area
    Veg: 2.5' x 5'; Flower: 2' x 4'
  • Exact Watts
    200 Watts
  • LED Light Spectrum
    Full Spectrum
  • Total PPF Output
    500 umol/s
  • PAR Efficiency
    2.47 umol/j
  • Dimmable:
    with Manual Dimming Knob, with Optional Controller
  • LED Diode Type
    Wideband Mid Power Diodes
  • Voltage
    100/277 Volts
  • Power Cord(s) Included
    120 Volt & 240 Volt Adapters
  • Est. Electricity Cost /mo
  • Warranty
    3 Years

The ES180 V3 is a compact, yet stunningly powerful grow light

The Electric Sky 180 V3 (ES180 V3) is a 200 Watt grow light designed for maximum yields in a 1.5×3’ to 2×4’ grow area. It beams the intensity of sunlight on the plant canopy for peak growth performance and top-to-bottom yield.

The V3 adds new diode tech and higher wattage for stunning growth power in the smallest spaces. You simply won’t believe the production that is possible from this compact unit! It’s the answer for any grower looking to fulfill his own needs, but still wants “big” professional results. Have a blast while growing your own with your Electric Sky 180 V3!

Maximize the "Lighting Sweet Spot" of Your Garden

You can grow more and save energy with an Electric Sky over your plants

Edge-to-Edge Performance

Say goodbye to uneven garden development and wasted product from light & heat burn.

Reduced Energy Costs

Save up to 50% in cooling and power expenses. Superior efficiency over traditional HPS, MH and T5 light systems

Stop Replacing Bulbs

Depend on a decade of stress-free growing with no recurring maintenance costs, harvest after harvest.

Recommended Configurations

  • 1x ES180 – Flower 1.5’x3′ up to 2’x4′ Grow Tent / Closet
  • 2x ES180 – Flower 3’x3′ up to 4’x4′ Grow Tent / Closet

For areas 4′ x 4′ and larger, consider the ES300 V3 LED Grow Light

Bonuses when Purchasing a ES180 V3 Grow Light

  • Instruction Manual
  • Easy Hanging Kit:
    • (x3) Wire Gripper Cables
    • (x2) Metal Ratchet Rope Hangers
  • Dimming Kit For Precise Intensity Control:
    • (x1) Manual Dimming Knob
    • (x1) Splitter Cable (for controlling multiple lights at once)
    • (x1) Extension Cable (for controlling intensity at a distance)
  • An "As you Grow" Email LED Grow Course with tips and tricks to maximize yield using the Electric Sky Wideband LED Grow Light
  • Power Adapter (included for each country):
    • USA/Canada – (x1) 120 Volt US Plug Adapter & (x1) 240 Volt US Plug Adapter
    • Australia – (x1) 230 Volt AU Plug Adapter
    • UK/Europe – (x1) 230 Volt UK Plug Adapter & (x1) 230 Volt EU Plug Adapter
  • 4 Trees Planted in US National Forests
  • 90 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Features of the ES180 V3

  • True 200 Watt power consumption – Twice the light output as HPS with an energy cost as low as $0.35 per day
  • A plant-tuned “wideband” full spectrum for rapid vegetative growth and heavy flower yield
  • Comfortable plant viewing – See plants in true color without light shining into your eyes
  • Full light intensity adjustment for all stages of plant growth – Control multiple lights at once with included daisy-chain dimming kit
  • Silent operation & passively cooled with no moving parts
  • Rectangular light projection — Fits grow tents or expands to any area
    • 1x ES180 will Flower a 1.5’x3′ – 2’x4′ rectangular area – Grow 2-4 Plants
    • 2x ES180 will Flower a 3’x3′ – 4’x4′ square area – Grow 4-6 Plants
    • "Recommended Configurations" images above
  • Linear lenses prevent light loss, increase canopy penetration and intensify growth power
  • Premium, heavy duty & solid construction with LEDs protected by easy-clean lenses
  • 2x ES180's exceed the yield of 800W HPS using only 400 Watts – Saving 50% energy costs with a better plant response
  • Grower-proven results for peppers, tomatoes, leafy greens, and exotic flowering plants

What separates the ES180 V3 from V2

The Green Sunshine Company has now started creating their own custom diodes for the ES180 & ES300. LED Grow Lights having the best LED diodes is very important to growers looking to get the most out of their grow. The new custom diodes in the ES180 allow space for up to 20% more diodes which in turn results in 10% more power for your plants.

Even with this increase in amount of diodes and power, the ES180 V3 still runs cooler than its predecessors saving you energy and money. The ES180 now comes with a Dimming Knob for far more precise dimming of the fixtures and both the ES180 and ES300 are now compatible with Trolmaster Hydro-X Lighting Controllers . Access to these controllers provides an entire suite of professional grow light features for your Electric Sky like sunrise and sunset and many more output controls.

What A Wideband Color Output Does to Plant Growth

The Electric Sky 180 pulls a true 200 watts from the wall, and its wideband spectrum has been proven time and time again in side-by-side tests to achieve equal or better results than HID with 40% less power and 50% of the heat . We don’t believe in continuing the tradition of “white” or “purple” LED grow lights. Other “full spectrum” LEDs leave out important colors, or try to achieve a spectrum that sips the least power on paper. What they neglect is that plants sense a wide range of colors in their environment to achieve their greatest potential.

The wideband spectrum used in the Electric Sky replicates some of the Sun’s infrared wavelengths for growth power, with a balanced color ratio to instruct plants to grow in a shape that maximizes yield.

With the unique high-dosage of near-infrared light, large flowers initiate sooner, vegetation grows faster, and the plant makes more efficient use of light from what is known as the Emerson Effect. The growth powered by Electric Sky will “wow” you and put fun into your indoor garden. You’ll see as your plants respond quickly to the single spectrum from seed through flower.

Maximum Grow Space
Uniform Intensity

Built to last

Other LED units are flimsy and fragile, or have exposed LEDs, unprotected from the residue in your plant environment or from an accidental “bump”. The Electric Sky is constructed out of a solid piece of aluminum, and its easy-to-clean lenses protect the LEDs, so you never have to worry about accidental damage to your investment

The correct light

When plants don’t have enough infrared light, they’re “flying blind”. Other “white” or “purple” LEDs fail to provide plants with enough usable near-infrared light. The ES180 gives concentrated red & IR flower power that accelerates vegetative growth speed and encourages heavy flower weight.

Make the most of your space

Near-field lighting gets our ES180 only 12-18” from your plant canopy without burning. This means you can grow GIANTS even in spaces with limited headroom. No more worrying how far grow lights should be from plants

Top yields and no hot spots

Distributed LEDs and special linear lenses shine light all the way into the far corners of your garden, keeping your entire garden brighter. Electric Sky activates growth beneath the canopy with penetrating spectrum colors so you can harvest more usable product from the top to bottom of your plant

Specifications for the ES180 V3

Input Power/Voltage 200W/100-277V
Energy Use Per Day
@ $0.15/kWh
Flower (12 hours on): $0.35 per day
Veg (18 hours on): $0.54 per day
Amperage 1.65A @ 120V / 0.82A @ 240V
Dimming 0-10V – Dimmer and Daisy Chain Kit Included
Spectrum GS3 Wideband Spectrum – Continuous 400nm–780nm
Heat BTU Generated 675 BTU
LED Diode Count 460
Human Eye Appearance 2300K & 91 CRI
PAR 2.47 Umol/J*
Power Cord Length
& Type
10′ Cord - Compatible with C13 Plugs
andAdapters (Standard)
Fixture Dimensions/Weight 24.5L x 12W x 2.4H in / 14.5 lbs
Flowering Hang Distance / Coverage 18” / 1.5’x3’ – 2’x4′ area
Vegetative Hang Distance / Coverage 36” / 2’x4’ – 2.5×5′ area
Warranty 3 Years Full
Expected Fixture Lifetime 70,000+ Hours
Laboratory Tested Certification ETL, CSA, CE, RoHS, RCM

* Efficacy is measured at board level and measured from 300-780nm . Efficiency increases as the fixture is dimmed. Wideband diodes create near red and infrared light above 680nm, critical nutrients to plant growth.

Tech Specs


BrandThe Green Sunshine Company
Weight (lb.)14.5
Prop 65No
Length (in.)27
Width (in.)12
Height (in.)2.5
Warranty3 Years
Lead TimeThis product ships in 2-4 weeks
Lighting TypeLED
LED Light SpectrumFull Spectrum
LED Fixture TypePanel
LED FeaturesManual Dimming Knob, Dimmable *with Controller
Est. Electricity Cost /mo$8.64
Exact Watts200 Watts
HID Equivalent400 Watts
Suggested Hanging HeightVegetative: 20” – 36”; Flowering: 15” – 18”
LED Diode TypeWideband Mid Power Diodes
PAR Efficiency2.47 umol/j
Total PPF Output500 umol/s
Daisy ChainYes
Voltage100/277 Volts
Amps1.65 Amps @ 120 Volts / 0.82 Amps @ 240 Volts
Frequency50/60 Hz
Power Cord(s) Included120 Volt & 240 Volt Adapters
Power Cord Length10 ft.
Coverage AreaVeg: 2.5' x 5'; Flower: 2' x 4'
Grow Light CertificationsETL Listed, CSA Listed
UL ListedNo

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