The Green Pad Jr CO2 Generator, Contains 10 Pads

The Green Pad Jr CO2 Generator, Contains 10 Pads

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THE GREEN PAD JR. is the best way to naturally encourage accelerated growth and helps establish a strong and healthy root system outside of rooting supplements!

CO2 accelerates the natural rooting process for cuttings and seedlings so they can establish healthy roots and more nodes by feeding the leaves.

THE GREEN PAD JR gives you higher strike rates, less leaf yellowing, faster rooting by 2-3 days or more allowing you to move healthy rooted cuttings and seedlings to veg faster.

THE GREEN PAD JR is placed in the humidity dome and replaced every other day until you are fully rooted or when you remove the dome. Its that easy!

Very inexpensive to have on-hand and if you don't use them immediately, they'll be good to go when you need them for up to a year. Make sure to keep the remaining GREEN PAD JR’s dry in original packaging and they will last over a year.

The Green Pad CO2 Generators are an innovative and very easy way to supplement your indoor grow environments with Carbon Dioxide. CO2 will give you Higher Yields and healthier plants. The Green Pads look like sheets that hang above the canopy or are inserted in a clone dome then they start absorbing the garden or domes humidity to power its CO2 generating reaction. Made from all natural chemicals, that when exposed to humidity, begin a measured CO2 release. Without expiration issues use the The Green Pad CO2 Generators when your garden needs them. Keep unused Green Pad CO2 Generators in original sealed package untill you need them. Just 35%+ humidity is needed to begin the Green Pads CO2 reaction and release. By lightly misting the Green Pads, you can increase that activation to fit your gardens needs.

With a full line of Green Pad CO2 Generators now available starting in sizes for clone domes, grow tents and now larger gardens.

Tech Specs


BrandThe Green Pad
Weight (lb.)0.75
Lead TimeThis product ships in 2 Business Days
Length (in.)0.25
Width (in.)4
Height (in.)8
Prop 65No
Shipping RestrictionsOR
UL ListedNo
CO2 EnrichmentNatural CO2 Production
CO2 Coverage Area4' x 4' or Less

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Product Q&A

The Green Pad Jr CO2 Generator, Contains 10 Pads Questions & Answers

How much humidity does it take to activate the GREEN PADS?
It takes about 35+ % Humidity to activate and produce a measured release of CO2. Higher humidity or frequent light water misting increases activation. Use a damp sponge in a folded Green Pad for drier climates. DO NOT SATURATE OR ALLOW TO DRIP

How many GREEN PADS do I need for my room?
THE GREEN PAD works best in small to mid size hobby gardens. Use at least 1-2 pads per 200-400 cubic feet of space. Add more GREEN PADS to increase CO2 Levels for larger rooms or use. THE GRAND DADDY PAD in gardens with 800+ cubic feet for each GDP.

What level CO2 PPM can I expect using the GREEN PADS?
Our tests in a room 10' x10' x10' (1000 cubic feet) with 3 Green Pads at 60% humidity and minimal air exchange produced 1000+ ppm. The amount of fresh air exchange plays a major role in the containment of the CO2 and the levels maintained in the room. To maximize performance LIGHTLY misting the pads before closing the room will increase concentrations. DO NOT SATURATE OR ALLOW TO DRIP.

Can I cut the Green Pads to use instead the Jr.s?
NO! Very Important. Do not cut the Green Pads, You will compromise them.

What about the GREEN PAD JR? Do cuttings need CO2?
Often overlooked and under appreciated, adding CO2 to your propagation dome promotes faster rooting and healthier starting plants Inexpensive and extremely easy The GP JR's have become an insider's trick to increase strike rates and move healthy rooted cuttings to veg faster.

How long will the GREEN PADS last in the package?
Use only the GREEN PADS you need at a time. Keep unused pads dry and resealed in the original bag, and they will be effective for over one year or more.v

Why haven't I heard of the GREEN PADS before?
No longer new. We have grown steadily in the last 5 years we are in hundreds of grow stores and now international Our technology has now been proven effective in multiple tests in gardens worldwide.


The Green Pad Jr CO2 Generator, Contains 10 Pads Reviews

A Cloning Must
I was given a pack of The Jr Green Pad Co2 Generators. I am so impressed. I have NEVER Cloned until this first time. I manaaged a 100% strike rate out of 12 which I attribute to the Co2 pads. I have root signs above the rock wool (Not Entirely Ph Buffered - Just mixed the presoak wash solution and hoped)
Just before the 7th day I am seeing root signs like crazy.
This is a product that I CANT DO WITHOUT.

great product absolutly and at 16 bucks and change ina box enviroment that is the king!
love it read it all! Cheap easy and does what it says amazingly well paid almost 50 bucks buying it from the box maker and I thought it was okay at that price so for 16 bucks and change, time to stock up on these box growers